Here is another one of my dumps. A dump filled with awesome music ranging from hardcore to neopsych. Enjoy this november edition.

Oh Sees

“One-sided clear square lathe 7 inch with pin.
Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Signed on the blank back label by John Dwyer (many come with a little doodle too!). Already sold out ofcourse. But you can still buy the digital single.
All proceeds will be donated to East Los Angeles Women’s Center.”


Live at 529 in Atlanta, GA on 11/20/2019

Christian Fitness

 includes a copy of ‘the harder it hits’ which is also on ‘love letters in the age of steam’

Tangled Up

Pennsylvania Post Punk/noiserock band Tangled Up released their self titled Ep in September. Tune in now.

Dead Mammals

‘Reskin’ is the new Ep by angry band Dead Mammels. Six tracks of angry punk and noise riffs and a dude that is very mad yelling all through te tracks. Out on Forbidden Place Records. Tune in now.

Cosmic Monster

‘Stephen King vs. The Werewolf’ is the new and upcoming album by New jersey Rockers Cosmic Monster.



“Extinct” is the new album by the Swiss experimental metal band Convulsif. If you like free jazz, black metal and noiserock than this may be very well your stuff of dreams.

The Left Outsides

The new album by The Left Outsides ‘Are You Sure I Was There?’ is released on Nov 13 on Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube (USA).


Some good noisy punk from the UK, listen to their new album ‘Everything’.


‘Training Resource #5’ is the new ep by uk dirty rocker Under

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2 thoughts on “NOVEMBER DUMP

  1. Oooh, haha, the lyrics of a terrible shame hit hard. Great stuff! Your blog has become my fave music blog. I know that I said this before, but I just wish that I could listen to more of the stuff you post. If you make your own subreddit (can be restricted posting/reading if you prefer) you just could dump youtube and bandcamp links in there and play that list with That would be a low effort solution compared to the maintenance of a playlist on crapfuck asshole services like spotify.


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