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Latest Cardinal Fuzz releases

It is always a joy for me to check out the latest releases on the Cardinal Fuzz label, it is mostly filled with heavy psych, kosmische music and trippy stuff. I mostly share most of these albums hear because they are always worth checking out. One of these bands is the duo Elkhorn, they produce trippy acoustic guitar music that soothes the soul and they have a new session out called ‘Acoustic Storm’. The next release is Herbcraft with the album ‘Thrash Heap’ wich is lofi psychedelic rock and it is really nice, the longer you listen to it to more it grabs you. This next release is with together with Centripetal Force (North America) for the upcoming release of Mugstar’s GRAFT, the follow up album to their much-lauded live collaboration with Can’s Damo Suzuki released earlier this year. The track ‘Zeta Potential’ is up for a listen. The latest release is from Alien Mustangs wich I am a pretty big fan of, their upcoming album ‘Beat of The Earth will be out October 30 and the first track is really trippy and is called ‘Sound of No Future’.

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