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Lump Hammer release ‘Beast’ on Cruel Nature Records

First time I heard Lump Hammer was on the very destructive split ‘Whelmed’ with Bodies on Everest wich was pretty damn great. So this trio is now back with music deep from the pits of Hell, eeeum, Tyneside (UK) I mean.

The first track ‘Alarm’ is a great introduction to Lump Hammer. It lets you know this music is pretty damn nuts. the track gives me this image of a fat viking yelling frustrated from the top of a mountain but then with sludge riffs in the background with now and then a fastpaced grindcore piece mixed through it.

If you expect that this track is the loudest or the weirdest then you are quite wrong. It seems Lump Hammer specializes in experimental sludge with a pinch of weirdness. The sounds on ‘Beast’ are destructive yet healing for mind and soul.

Out on Cruel Nature Records (Cassette too) and Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings.

Favourite tracks: ‘Where?’ and ‘Slide’

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