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Another heavy and weird Dump

not all dumps are normal, far from it, most dumps on Fuzzy Sun tend to be all wrong and weird. I knwo weird is not always good, but heyn you get what you get.

Plan Pony

is Plan Pony weird? yes it is


is the Québec band Migraine heavy? yes.

Mermaid Teeth

Mermaid Teeth is made out of members of DIRTNAP and Neon Fauna. Do I know this bands? no. Do I know Mermaid Teeth? No. Is it weird? yes, very much.

Twin Towers



Powerdill sounds like a powerdill on acid. is it weird? a bit. Is it heavy? very much so.


Ssspine is not really weird but very heavy. Their ‘Dark Things’ EP is out and is in your face noisemetal.

Paris Death Hilton

That is a very weird name for a band, but that does not mean the music is weird does it? yes it does.

Mildred Maude

If you think guitarnoise, fuzzy sounds and epic solos then this is weird, but actually it is just awesome.

Gnarly Dude

Dirty noisepunk that is both heavy and a bit weird.

2 thoughts on “Another heavy and weird Dump”

  1. Kids nowadays eat weird for breakfast. I’m a fan of your dumps, though. I’m old. I mean not super old, but already in physical decline. Hm, actually I think physically peaked before I got 20. Anyway! I guess this is the wrong place to elaborate on this. I just took a break from an important task and now it’s back to the quest of searching my comfy socks.

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