Acid Mothers Temple​/​Paul Kidney Experience Split

all this stuff from Acid Mothers Temple is true gold, there is so so much that this band produces, so much music from them and their offshoots. Now for bandcamp day they announced their split with Paul kidney Experience. Acid Mothers track is a cover of ‘The Wizard’ by Black Sabbath, we get an exerpt for now but the track is 19 minutes long! I added this track to my Black Sabbath Cover list. The other two tracks are by Paul Kidney Experience and are not yet out.

If you want more Acid Mothers Temple then Check outThe Cosmic List for more stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Acid Mothers Temple​/​Paul Kidney Experience Split

  1. […] Acid Mothers Temple and its many offshoots has produced so much music I don’t know if the bandmembers even remember everything. I know I tried to make some kind of guide but I am still stuck at part I. It is like opening the box of pandora, you start off and think, hey this is cool, so much music and then it just does not stop, the same bandmembers are switching bands, quiting, starting different bands with almost the same name or side project that are something completely different, it just does not stop. As far as I know they released “Reverse of Rebirth in Universe” in riot season in 2018, a re-release called ‘Either The Fragmented Body Or The Reconstituted Soul’ on Necio Records and a very dirty split with Orphan Goggles in 2019 and rework  of ‘Minstrel In The Galaxy’. Also a split with Yoo Doo Right and also and album offshoot called Acid Mothers Reynols. Another split with Paul Kidney Experience. […]


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