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Mitsuru Tabata release ‘Get The Car’

‘Get The Car’ was originally released on CD by Chaotic Noise Recordings in Kochi, Japan, in 2019. This is hazy soft psych by Mitsuru Tabata that was and is in a crapload of bands like 20 Guilders, Acid Mothers Temple and a lot of its offshoots, Alien’s Social Dance Party, Amazon Saliva,  Green Flames, Gugan, Kawabatabata, L & Friends, Leningrad Blues Machine, Mammal Machine, Monster DVD, Plugged Ear, RQRQ and probably more too.

Mitsuru is now on the growing list ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan’

2 thoughts on “Mitsuru Tabata release ‘Get The Car’”

  1. I don’t understand the appeal. Sounds like the cheesy music from a weird ass ironic comedy musical film, but without the images there’s just the cheese left. Maybe there’s substance in the lyrics that stays obscure to me, because of the language? Or maybe I’m just not that kind of cheese connoisseur? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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