New goodies on Skin Graft Records

Skin Graft Records is an amazing label. The stuff you can find on there is out of this world. The new stuff is always original and are always really cool finds and the rereleases or specials like comic books and stuff are just out of this world. Lately they have been releasing some really special things. And I made a big post about it.

So their are three more releases again by tghe label! and I will post them here.

Strangulated Beatoffs – Porky The Pig and Bess (Double Single and Comic Book Set)

This was the second release on Skin Graft Records and has been remasterd and made digital for the first time by Skin Graft. Strangulated Beatoffs is post hardcore sludge from Stan Seitrich (Ex- Drunks With Guns) and Fritz Noble with special guest Mike Deleon (Drunks, Fruitcake).

Palace Contribution / Zeni Geva – SIDES 5​-​6 (Single and Comic Set)

pairing Zeni Geva and Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy aka Palace ____ was originally released in 1997. A copy of the original one-sheet is included as a bonus feature in the PDF booklet. Here is the original solicitation…

TERMS -Asbestos Mouth

‘Asbestos Mouth’ is the debut album of Terms on Skin Graft. They released the EP ‘Hoarder of Operations a while ago on Skin Graft too and now we get the first track from the upcoming album. Tune in for a wild ride.


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