The Mom and Dad List

Today I got a message from my parents that they are proud of what me and my brothers do, my two brothers are both in a band called Onset (who just released a new EP so check it out) and me with my little website Fuzzy Sun. When we lived at home they had to put up with all our music upstairs (starting from teenage music to nu metal ending with brutal death and black metal) and so many years later they still they check out what we do and they are proud of us and that makes me happy.

I know they sometimes check out the website but don’t listen to often because they are not a big fan of bone shattering and ear destroying noiserock for some strange reason, but maybe they do not know that now and then some psychpop, hazy psych or psychedelic jazz is posted too.

So as a little thank you I made a playlist with all the Fuzzy Sun approved mom and dad music. So this music list is mostly hazy psych, summer vibes and stuff like that. I am not sure if they are going to like it, but hey, i can try right.

You can listen to, you do not have to be my mom or dad, if you like chill psych and stuff like that then tune in and enjoy. There is a lot of stuff that is not on spotify that i wanted to add too but I won’t bother with all these different platforms because thats a load of work, so listen to this spotify list now.

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