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Seawhores put their whole album up for free on bandcamp

This is quit incredible, the aband is putting this up for free because they want to thank their supporters, the fans, The people and labels who supported them. They say :

“in these politically divisive and plague ridden times, i think this is a good way to pay it forward perhaps. Thank you to anybody that’s put us up, put us out, helped us out, played in the band, so on and so on blah blah. We hope you enjoy, stay healthy, and just generally, stay up… Asalamanamste.”

is it because I am just awake of just damn tired of all this sickness stuff and misery but I am a bit emotional over this. So now I am sitting here, all emotional, blasting “The Last Temptation of Supper” through my headphones. Their 11th or so album is pumping adrenaline faster through my veins then the coffee. This is a piece of  godly loudness. Tune in the hear the soulcrushing noiserock, metal and immensly cool vocals. And maybe still buy the album for a bit of money, you know.



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