New album by Vrovl: join the duck hunt and enjoy the ride

Vrovl, a heavy band from Ghent, Belgium, share their second full-length album: ‘La Chasse Au Marais / De Eendenjacht’ (The Duck Hunt). Only three songs, but 38 minutes playtime in total. As we said earlier: this is a band enjoying themselves. There’s lots and lots of noisy fun and mesmerizing riffs.

We reviewed the first track last week, but it goes for the full album: “The atmosphere goes from heavy and slow to psychedelic and mesmerizing, then to rhythmic riff-work that reminds of an early Tool, then back and all over again. On top of that, there’s some great solos in there and some superb electronic noise.”

But what about the story, what’s that about a duck hunt, and why in god’s name would you name a song ‘De Aangeschoten Wilde Eend’ (The Mallard That Got Shot). Rest assured, dear animal-loving Fuzzy Sun-readers, this album is not a petition to go hunting. In their own words: “Only three songs, but we take our time to tell the listener a vague story about nothing in particular. Play it loud, get absorbed in the trip we prepared for you.”

Listen below. Favourite track: De Vlucht v. Waterwild (track number three).

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