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17 minutes and 21 seconds of destruction by GALL

In case you are one of my big fans that think Fuzzy Sun is getting soft, DO NOT DESPAIR BECAUSE DESTRUCTION IS COMING. No, seriously, I still love the extremely heavy and noisy adn experimental stuff and I can’t get enough of it  and I found this band called GALL that made and album called “17:21” wich I think means the total of minutes because the tracks are so short but are many. I could check this with math, I could count all the minutes individually and add them together and then I would know for sure but math sucks so do it yourself.  But back to this band, I never heard of them and they seem to come from Germany and make the most gorgeous noise, I am completely blown a way by the noiserock/sludge/grindcore/powerviolence whatever thingy, this is really awesome. Song number 10 sucks though, the rest is like really good. Awesome! I give this a lot of stars.

Favourite track: Swarming Vessels

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