Hispanodelia with La Sustancia Divina / MÚCARO / Iglesia Atómica / Hoja Madre / Laura La Sangrienta / Yaatra

This Hispanodelia (hispanic psychedelia) bands from Rio Bravo to Patagonia are releasing and excellent split. Six bands share a track with the first one from Iglesia Atomica (who have been a couple of times on fuzzy sun) wich is called ‘El Arte De Levitar’ wich is 8 minutes of gorgeous trippy guitarpsych. The second track is from the Peruvian band Laura La Sangrienta wich is new for me but delivers some really cool and heavy psych with the track ‘El Andar Del Ogro’. Third track is from the Argentinian band Yaatra wich has been on Fuzzy Sun too in the past, Yaatra makes psychedelic fueled doom and got some good riffs on ‘Cuenca Aitken’. Hoja Madra, also from Peru, shares the cosmic track ‘Desilucion’.  LSD (La Sustancia Divina)  is from Mexico and has with the track ‘Axolotl’ my favourite one. The bluesy psych track sounds like a track straight from the seventies. MÚCARO is from the Dominican Republic and closes this album with a heavy psych track. This is some gorgeous Hispanodelia and should be heard by everyone.











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