Shit and Shine wrecks your mind with messed-up album Scenic Farm

If we are to believe Discogs, ‘Scenic Farm’ is Shit and Shine‘s 23d album. Seems like a lot, but professional music wacko Craig Clouse never disappoints. ‘Scenic Farm’ is a collection of totally messed-up electronic noise with equally messed-up titles, and the result is very entertaining, especially because of the groovy beats.

The album is recorded at the ‘Shit and Shine Ranch’ in Austin, Texas. We don’t know if there’s also an actual farmer growing stuff there, but if there is, we would like to buy his produce. Scenic Farm consists of 15 tracks, ranging from 8 seconds to more than 11 minutes, and they’re all highly wacky and highly captivating.

Every track is different, from techno-inspired noise (opener whaxaxaxki) to krautrock-americana electronics (camino real) and dubstep-oriented bass (slub) and just plain insane-ness (title track scenic farm and $$PTBRK). Most of them have one thing in common, the beats are not as messed-up as the mood, which makes the album feel groovy and even danceable. And the jokes are great fun (listen to EE, seems like Clouse pressed a wrong button and decided to make it a track).

Scenic Farm is out on Rock is Hell Records. Our favourite track: Yates and Madison.

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