Vrovl shares ‘De Stuurman’: 11 minutes of mesmerizing heavy fun

Vrovl, a heavy band from Ghent, Belgium, shares the first track of their upcoming mini-album ‘De Eendenjacht’ (The Goose Hunt). It’s called ‘De Stuurman’ (The Navigator) and it’s more than 11 minutes of noisy fun and mesmerizing riffs.

Vrovl is all about a dark, hypnotizing atmosphere combined with heavy, rhythmic riffs. The music is often rather solemn, but there’s room for fun as well. In their artwork, song titles and live performances, the band shows a humorous approach. Their first EP, called Koeterwaals (translated it means something like ‘gobbledygook’) consists of one 17-minute long track.

Their newest fledgling is called ‘De Stuurman’. Again, it seems like the band must have had lots of fun. The atmosphere goes from heavy and slow to psychedelic and mesmerizing, then to rhythmic riff-work that reminds of an early Tool, then back and all over again. On top of that, there’s some great solos in there and some superb electronic noise. The band succeeds in delivering a 11-minute track without one dull moment, and there are no vocals whatsoever. The more we listened, the more we liked it. This is a must-hear.

Oh, and you’ll enjoy the weird video with animal violence and sexy ladies from a different age.


3 thoughts on “Vrovl shares ‘De Stuurman’: 11 minutes of mesmerizing heavy fun”

  1. Koeterwaals? Sound it out phonetically: it sounds like caterwaul! Meaning to make an unholy racket! Accurate?


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