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Öresund by Kanaan: Euphoric jam from Norway’s tiger city

Kanaan, or the promised land in Hebrew, is a psychedelic band from Oslo, Norway. With their third, soon-to-be-released album ‘Double Sun’, Ask, Ingvald and Eskild clearly have one goal in mind: get you to higher spheres. Here you can listen to the album’s third track, Öresund.

We did some googling, and apparently Öresund is bridge between Sweden and Denmark. There’s no lyrics, so we can only guess why the track is called after an eight kilometre long bridge in Scandinavia. The song lifts you up to higher plane, the mood is ecstatic and slightly melancholic. If crossing the bridge gives you the same thing, we know where to go in the summer.

Anyhow, Öresund feels more like an elaborate jam than a structured song, but we don’t mind in the least. The pace is rather high, the drums have a nervous feel and the guitars are stacked with effects that propel the track to a euphoric finale. The whole jam has a dreamy, liberating quality to it. No need for opioids, this does the trick.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen en buiten


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