new music

Prana Crafter/Ragenap

Been a Prana Crafter for a while now, especially since his album “Enter The Stream” that was released in 2018. The track with the same name brings me joy to this day still. So now he is back with a split with Ragenap. This split was originally released in November of 2019 as a limited run of 60 cassettes on Baked Tapes and we can check it out digital now.
These two tracks combine perfectly on this split, The godly psychfolk of Prana Crafter and the mysterious drone/psych of Ragenap make this highly hypnotic and need to be heard.
“No Ear To Hear” will be out April 10.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel, mensen die muziekinstrumenten bespelen, nacht en binnen

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