Brutal new Bruxa Maria

Am I slowly changing into an extreme noiserock fan or are a lot of these releases getting better and better? It is just 2020 and we got all these amazing releases like Michael, Wasted Shirt, Casual Nun, Sightless Pit, PigsX7, … . It just does not stop, the amazing records keep coming. Now this new Bruxa Maria is something I am really looking forward too. This band can de heavy, they con do really heavy. Their first track “The Void” is already out and was something between noiserock and doom, really awesome stuff but wait, WAIT! This new track is not only incredible it is on the edge of grindcore and noiserock. This beast is called “Love and Riots” and now I am really excited for this full album. Full album “The Maddening” will be released on Hominid Sounds on March 17. Tune in now.

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

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