new music


I heard of this band through some internet buddies and I can’t thank them enough because it seems I got a new favourite band. So I heard Michael is made up mostly of Bad Guys, Notorious Hi-Fi Killers, Hag, Lucozade, Black Shape and Princess Headbutt members. Also: Black Shape delivered one of my favourite albums last year.

I felt really shitty the last couple of days because of flu and insomnia and stuff so I started playing Michael non stop. You know, everywhere and really loud. The effect was this, people started to leave and let me be wich was really nice. Downside is it does not heal flu at all, I still feel extremely shitty. So yeah, I don’t know, don’t get the flu and listen to Michael maybe.

Their new album “Tell Your Friends” is out February 1 on cracked ankles and it is an absolutely magnificent work of heaviness.

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