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Elefant released “Bejahung” on 9000 Records

Beloved Ghentian (Belgium) weirdo band Elefant released their new album “Bejahung” today on 9000 records. Their previous album was called “Konard and Bonark” and was a bit of a mishmash of different styles but mostly rock with experimental synth stuff that I very much enjoyed.

But on “Bejahung” I have the feeling the band has grown a bit. It is already clear for me on the first track “Ultra Plus Ultra” that they made a track that is more easy to listen to, catchy and it still has very heavy riffs. Like every album I love it when I can hear some weirdness or experimental stuff in it so i’m glad when the second song “Rechtschreibe” starts whith some weird synthy  sounds, yet you can recognize the sound of “Bejahung” in it, the riffs turn back and the vocals and drumming make sure they stay on the same sonic line. “Eazy” starts like Moon Duo, Oh Sees and Beak got in a fight and although the song is softer (and weirder) it still has the same dreamy trippy vibe, the vocals on this track give it an extra kick too. Probably going to grow on me and become my favourite. “Water Always Flows” is one of the recently released single and got that typical elefant sound but a bit more tender (again weird though). “Stilleben” is experimental eerie doomlike synthrock track and is a very nice track if you are depressed and want to look outside the window complaining you don’t have any friends. “Welcome to Life Sonny” is riffless and a bit soulless for me.

“Bejahung” is difficult, it is a bit of every song on the album thrown together with a bit of oriental vibes in it because why not. “The Dooor” is a slowed down synthpunk track with great basslines wich makes me move my head (wich is extremely difficult). “3-3-3” is very experimental and strange and I will need to hear it a couple times more. “A conversation in a room” is an eerie outro track and the album ends with  “My Race Race Is Better Than Your Race” wich is pretty damn cool track, it sounds like it is made in 2084 and the robot overlords are ready to take over.

“Bejahung” is a great album but it is a difficult one. The first six tracks are easier to listen to then the last 5, these are quite challenging. This album is for music fanatics, people who like to take their time to listen to an album and listen to it more then once.

Tune in, set back and enjoy, it is Elefant, it is out today, buy it here.

You can find Elefant together with a lot of belgian weirdness on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en binnen

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