Dump #20: The first big dump of 2020

I have made a lot of dumps in 2019 and put them here and this is not going to change in 2020. This dump is like all the others full of awesome shit. All you got to do is sit down and enjoy.

Elephant Stone

“Keep The Light Alive” is the first track from the upcoming album “Hollow” wich will be released 02/14/2020.


Boltzplatz Brian

Heavy German instrumental rock from back in 2019. Needs to be heard.



The “Merge EP” was released November 17 by German noiserockers Unbite. Tune in for some noisy stuff.


From Grotto

The Finnish progressive psych band From Grotto released their first single called “Don´t Pay No Mind”. The track is a bit of a mix bewteen prog, psych, experimental and trippy indierock. Certainly interesting what will come next from this band


The Janitors

Cardinal Fuzz is re-issueing the Drone Head double LP by The Janitors, wich is a must have for every shoegaze/psych addict.




Hollistic  n(oise)art rock by Greek band Mammock. The album “Itch” was released january 1, 2020.



Lamagaia released four new spacerocktracks that will be released on cassette and CD by Cardinal Fuzz. It’s called ‘Garage Space Vol.1’.

These 4 tracks are psychedelic space and kraut jams edited and mixed in their rehearsal space. Tune for some trippy music.


Werewolf Jones

I t s  v e r r y c o o l g a r a ge a n d f u z z r o c k


Melted Bodies

Melted Bodies released their album “People Watching” in April 2019 and  have now shared a video for the track “Ad People” wich is an absolutely great vid.



ExDs is the new Ep by Belgian instrumental experimental noiserockers. Tune in for some weird noise, yes please.



“Fever Dream” is taken from “Come Play With me” wich a not-for-profit label set up to showcase and develop new music made in/around Leeds. It is best known as a 7” singles club and has released split 7”s from artists such as Fizzy Blood, Team Picture, The Golden Age Of TV, Dead Naked Hippies and The Wedding Present.












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