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Shit and Shine release “Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs”

Ridiculously filthy, ear melting heavy, experimental noiserock with typical Shit and Shine noises. That’s what I think of it and I think it is amazing. Last year they released ‘Bad Vibes’ wich was an absolute banger. I’ve played the track ‘Yeah I’m On Acid’ all year round. Now that album was all beats and techno and was great but this album sounds more like USA/MEXICO (wich Craig Clouse is a member of). It even got a track featuring the great Tropical Trash on it. what the hell do you want more. I love it, I want it, I need it and I know you love it, you want it and need it too.

Everyone loves this except maybe my girlfriend who I asked to review this but did not because she said our broken washing machine sounds better.


Favourite track: “Cooking Steaks in the Pocket”

“Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs” is just awesome, and this album needs to be worshipped. It is out on the great Riot Season Records.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: buiten en natuur



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