Qujaku has been one of the bands that completely blew me away since the first time I have heard them. Their original take on psych, doom and noise is so refreshing I was sure they would be unable to produce these impressive sounds live. then I saw them live and I did not now what to do with myself. they were absolutely amazing. So I instantly bought their latest record and begged like a teenager to autograph their LP wich I am very proud off.

So now the band made a collaboration with UK visual artists IMPATV (s a collaborative video and stage production project). Since I love Qujaku I will post a live video from their show on Supernormalfest (don’t do really live vids, but it is Qujaku!).

Nov 6th – Birmingham / Hare & Hounds Kings Heath
Nov 7th – Milton Keynes / MK Gallery
Nov 8th – London / Corsica Studios
Nov 9th – Cambridge / Cambridge Junction
Nov 10th – Bexhill / The De La Warr Pavilion
Nov 11th – Bristol / The Cube Microplex
Nov 12th – Plymouth/ KARST
Noy 13th – Manchester/ Fairfield Social Club
Nov 14th – Bradford/ Fuse Art Space





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