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Raketkanon release ‘RKTKN #3’

The ever progressing Belgian band Raketkanon returns with their third album ‘RKTKN #3’. The album is released on Alcopop Records today.

Raketkanon has been shaking the world with their weird and heavy riffing noise. Now with their third album the synths are playing a more prominent role and give Raketkanon again a new edge to their music.

While shouting in their own language and with the new synth driven sound the band produces still the same vibe they are known for.  Raketkanon can go from explosive riffs to a soft atmposhere in no time and they do it with excellence.

‘RKTKN #3’ is again a marvelous piece of work, as good as the previous albums. it is clear now Raketkanon never dissapoints.

Enter the world of Raketkanon now.

Find them and more here. Buy their music on Alcopop or buy a limited glitter tape on Beth Shalom Records.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen, baard, buiten en tekst




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