Oozing Wound release ‘High Anxiety’

Their previous album ‘Whatever Forever’ was an awesome album and showed what the Chicago trio was capable of, but it seems the trashers stepped their game up and made the must violent and agressive album possible. ‘High Anxiety’ is out March 15 and feels like a radioactive Orang-Utan hitting you with his palms right on the ears. Yet, strangely, the ringing in your ears feels like pleasure and fun and you want it again and again. This music feels ominous yet fun, agressive yet you want to jump with joy. Hell, I don’t know, this frikkin thing is great and it should be mandatory listening for the ages between 6 and 66.

Favorite track: all of them

Enter the world of Oozing wound now!

For more heavy listening go to Fuzzy Sun’s list.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, lachende mensen, binnen

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