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Greek psych Holy Monitor

On October 12 the Hreek band Holy Monitor released their album “II”. Take a hazy psychedelic trip (too Greece i guess) and enjoy the fuzzed out synths and tunes by this great band.
Favorite track: Hunter’s Moon
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Listen to some Dead

WeEmptyRooms is an Australian label run by Jem and Jace who both play in DEAD. There is a lot of awesome stuff to find on their page. from hazy rock to heaviness.
Check out there bandcamp for some more music.


Finnish Musician Petäjä

Jussi Petäjä is a Finnish musician who has been releasing music through the last decade with bands like Prusikoukku, Captain Cougar and White Jackets. 
Now he released his debut solo album wich was released the 5th of October. Jussi solo album “40950” is a very varied album with elements of folk, indie, kraut and even some drone in it.
A very diverse album that needs some intensive listening.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, bril en close-up


Acid Cannibals

Acid Cannibals is a duo (with a member of The Cosmic Dead) from Glasgow. They play dirty, fast noisepunk and they do it good. This year they have two new releases.
“Why Not Every Night” is the first is release on 7″ Vinyl in Collaboration with AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE on march 16th 2018. The EP is brutal and fast.
“Horny For Tommorow” will be released December 1st on 45RPM 12’’ vinyl through Hominid Sounds.
Riffs, speed and noise. With these three ingredients you waltz through your day.
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