Acid Mothers Temple release “Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe”

This is just gorgeous! the legendary Japanese rockers Acid Mothers Temple release their new album “Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe”. With this album the band refreshes their sound, with a lot of new members the band reworked tracks that are more fitting to the reborn band.

Acid Mothers strike again and this time with a very good produced psychedelic trip that is out on the great Rocket Recordings. Tune in and let your mind drift.

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Mt. Mountain release “Golden Rise”

The Australian band Mt. Mountain return with their 3rd LP called “Golden Rise”. The band creates a psychedelic athmosphere on their new album that is beyond words.

Their previous album “Dust” was very good ad it seems their sound still has evolved. Tune in for some good hypnotic psych.

You can find Mt. Mountain on The Australian List and on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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The Feral Young release I Haven’t Seen Myself in a While

The Feral Young is a Turku Based Noise rock band and it is not just a noise rock band. With their new 7″ they blew me right of my socks. With a sound like buldozer speeding over broken bottles this is something you need to hear.

The band combines brutal punk rock and noise rock like their life depends on it. The three track 7″ is raw and energetic and just needs to be in your collection.

Buy it now for 6 bucks on Kaos Kontrol. While you are at Koas Kontrol (finnish label and  mailorder) you should browse their immense catalogue filled to the brim with sharp priced noise.

Favorite track: I Haven’t Seen Myself in a While

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Arcadian Child release Superfonica

Through Ripple Music and Rogue Wave records the Greek psych band Arcadian Child release their new album “Superfonica”.

A solid album with some good psychedelic rock tunes and great vocals. The band shifts easily between strong and dreamy vibes.

“Superfonica” is a must-hear for every rock fan. Released on November 23.

Favorite track: Twist Your Spirit

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Workin’ Man Noise Unit release “It’s Not Nothin'”

With their new album on Riot Season Records Workin’ Man Noise Unit raises the bar on how to make good rock n roll.

With their energetic and noisy riffs the band still make catchy tracks. Have a good time and listen to Workin’ Man Noise Unit.

Favorite track: Sloucher

For more heaviness check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Rainbow Grave release 7″ on God Unknown Records

Rainbow Grave released their 7″ Sex Threat on God Unknown Records. The previous sentence should sent shivers down your spine because Rainbow Grave creates dirty and angry noise from the gutter and it is released on the magnificent label God Unknown Records (founded by Jason Stoll, who plays bass in bands like Sex Swing, Magstar and Bonnacons of Doom).

The band (featuring founding members of Napalms Death, Doom and Scorn) have succeeded in creating the dirtiest sound i ever heard.

“Sex Threat” sounds like two hobo’s going at each other with rusted scissors.

A must have, buy it on God Uknown Records now! for more heaviness check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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