Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus is a garage/psych/surf band. if you combine these three genres you get a psychedelic trip thats extremely fun to listen to.
The band released their first single from their upcoming album “Futureman”. The track “Slime on the Beach” is an uptempo trip that you want to hear.
Tune in for some fun now and check out more on Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.


Frozen Planet….1969

The band Frozen Planet…1969 released their sixth album called “The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition”.
The instrumental concept album is about a travelling medicine show. The band takes twists and turns to help guide you through the story, while Doctor Berner, with the help of some colourful characters, is on a quest to sell bottles of his glowing green elixir (which will apparently cure any pain or deliver anyone from evil!).
The album is an improvised psychedelic trip filled with magnificent guitar work. The album will be available on 12 inch vinyl in a choice of black or transparent green through Headspin records and can be ordered at shinybeast.nl or the cd at peppershakerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-heavy-medicinal-grand-exposition.
Out November 1.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: binnen



Ty Segall released “Fudge Sandwich”

Ty Segall released his cover album “Fudge Sandwich on 26/10 on In The Red Records. In 2018 Ty succeeded in releasing “Orange Rainbow”, “Freedom’s Goblin”, “Joy” with White Fence and “Pre Strike Sweep” with the Goggs.
Covers by bands like Spencer Davis Group, Funkadelic, Lennon and more.
An album thats full of fuzz and fun. Join the fuzz and listen to Ty Segall’s Fudge Sandwich. Order at In the red records.

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La Iglesia Atomica released “Impromptus”

The spacerock band from Puerto Rico released their last album “Gran Mura de Coma” in april this year. And already we get new music by the cosmic guitarband. This time an album of unreleased tracks and live recordings.
Check out “Impromptus” and “Gran Mura de Coma”. Check out more psych here.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel, mensen die muziekinstrumenten bespelen, gitaar en binnen

Sonnborner by Nadja

Nadja released his latest album “Sonnborner” on Broken Spine Records and Daymare Recordings on September 4. Nadja originated as the solo project of Aiden Baker. On “Sonnborner” Nadja consists of Aidan Baker, Leah Buckareff, Simon Goff, Agathe Max and Julia Kent.
Together they made an excellent album full of drone, ambient, experimental music and metal influences. The album can be bleak yet soothing and in times bone crushing.
Favorite track: In the Shadow of the Wing of The Thing too Big to be Seen
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Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.


Cave release “Allways”

The psych/prog band Cave are back with their new album “Allways”. They released their album October 19 on Drag City records.Gorgeous repetitive bliss and kraut. Tune in now.
Favorite track: Dusty
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New vid by Texas noise punks Exhalants

The Texas rockers Exhalants released their self-titled album August 24. The ten new songs make a hell of a racket and to make it even better the band just released a video for the track “Punisher”.
Check out the vid and go listen to more noise on Fuzzy Sun’s list.