Music update number whatever with Holy Sunn, Fascinator, Disgusting Beauty, United Ghost, Dreamshop and Aaron Joseph Russo

There can never be enough music. So here it is, another bunch of things you need to hear. loads of music Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.
Holy Sunn
The Mexican band released their first track “Vultures” on spotify and it is a gorgeous blend of fuzz and psychedelic rock. checkkkk them out.




Cool experimental tunes by the New York Fascinator.

Disgusting Beauty


Psychedelic tunes by the Berlin band Disgusting Beauty. Check out their latest self-titled EP filled with groovy tunes that make us think of The Doors.

United Ghost
Shoegaze vibes from the LA duo Ghost.


chill tuuunes.

Aaron Joseph Russo


Aaron Joseph Russo makes very chill psychedelic tunes. Check out his latest track “Upbeat”. Lay back and enjoy.

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