new music

The Heavy Dump

Another batch of bands you need to hear. This time heavier and noisier. Check out more heavy on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.


The Swedish doom band Alastor released their first track from their upcoming album “Slave to the Grave”. out on October 31.



First track ‘Swarms From The Swamp’ from the upcoming album ‘Onward to Nothingness’ by the French doom band Pillars. Released by Seeing Red Records on September 28, 2018.

Swamp Hawk 


Dirty riffing on the new album by Kentucky rockers Swamp Hawk. Their self titled album was released on August 24 and is a must have.

Weed Demon


Sludgy Doom by the Ohio band Weed Demon. Their new album “Astrological Passages” was released August 18. Epic heaviness that needs to be listened loudly.

Forming The Void


Very good songwriting on this extra heavy release by Louisiana stoner/doom band Forming the void. ‘Rift’ was released August 17.

Dead Now


2 Released tracks from the upcoming album by Atlanta rockers Dead Now. Catchy and heavy! out September 7.


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