Earthling Society release new album

“Mo- The Demon” is the new album by UK space rockers Earthling Society. The album is released 21 September on Riot Season Records. Seven tracks filled with wild instruments, raging solos and gorgeous space rock. Although there is a lot of noise and screeching choas this is one of those albums with a happy feel to it, it just makes your day better. Listen to it.


Slift releases La Planète Inexplorée

Superfuzzy psych by the French psychedelic rockers Slift. Their new album “La Planète Inexplorée” is psychedelic gem with garagerock influences. Fuzzed out psychedelic riffs and solos are overflowing on this album. This is not only what you want, this is wat you need. Check out their music, their videos, check out everything you can. Out now!
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Daughters share “Long Road, No Turns”

Rhode Island noiserockers Daughters are on their way to become my favorite band of 2018 (together with Gnod). They released two track already called “Satan in the Wait” and “The Reason They Hate Me”. These two anxious tracks are extremely powerful and together with the new track “Long Road, No Turns” i have decide that the rest of the album should be absolutely terrible to not become one of the best albums of the year.
Their album “You Won’t Get What You Want” will be out October 26 on Ipecac.
Listen to the third track “Long Road, No Turns” by Daughters.


Norwegian Doomrockers Magmakammer

Well, this is an excellent record. The heavy Norwegian rocker Magmakammer released their new album “Mindtripper” today on Kosmic Artifactz.
This is trippy doom/psych in the style of Uncle Acid. Magmakammer is one of those rare bands that produces excellent fuzz and hits you from the first listen.
Favorite track: Fat Saturn

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Shove some Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in your face

“King of Cowards” is out today and the review for their new album by the UK rockers is quite easy. This record is extremely awesome and loud and should be played in all public spaces from now on. Out on the awesome Rocket Recordings.
Play extremely loud so your neighbors can enjoy it too.
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Go!Zilla release Modern Jungle’s Prisoners

The Italian rockers Go!Zilla are back after two yearswith their new album”Modern Jungle Prisoners”. The album is released by Teenage Menopause records.
An excellent album filled with fuzzed out psych and garageriffs. The 5 piece band create the perfect balance between garagerock and psychedelic rock. Tune in for some great music by Go!Zilla!
Favorite track: Peeling Clouds

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Rebel Drones release “Abusing the System”

The Portland  rockers Rebel Drones released their new album “Abusing the System” today on Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records. A lot of carefully crafted guitar noise is embedded in their almost pop like songs wich gives the whole album that extra kick.
There is a cosmic vibe in this album, a vibe that knocks you of your seat and makes you go boketto.
Favorite track: Can’t Close My Eyes

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