Yeah I’m On Acid!

Everything that is released on Rocket Recordings is just amazing stuff. Their whole catalogue is filled with psychedelic, kraut and experimental goods. And i remeber i went completely nuts on the 7″ release by Shit and Shine, the Texas droning electronics musicians. The tree track EP ‘Thats Enough’ was released last year in November and was really awesome.
So now they are returning with a new full album called ‘Bad Vibes’ wich will be released November 9.
Get your earholes destroyed with their new track “Yeah I’m On Acid’.












Space Rockers Dead Otter

Dead Otter released their album on Riot Season Records. The 5 headed band from Glasgow made with “Bridge of Weird” and exceptionally good space rock record. Plentiful psychedelic solos but still filled with awesome riffs Dead Otter succeeded in making one hell of a music trip.
Favorite track: Waning
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Oh Sees video for Anthemic Aggressor

One of the most magnificent bands in our known Universe has again released a new album filled with psychedelic tunes. And now they released a new vid for the Anthemic Aggressor track on Smote Reverser. Enjoy the psychedelic scifi.
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Second track by the great Kikagaku Moyo

“Masana Temples” is the new ambum by the Japanese psych band Kikagaku Moyo.  A while ago they released their first track “Gatherings” which is a wild seven minute trip. The new track “Dripping Sun” is chill laid back song, a summer trip.
It is quite clear this album will be one that will get everyone talking about Kikagaku Moyo. The album “Masana Temples” will be out October 5 on guruguru brain . Enoy the first two tracks of what will be a gorgeous album.
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Cosmic rockers Magmakammer

Psychedelic doom from Norway! The band Magmakammer released their first track “Along the Crooked Roads” from their upcoming album Mindtripper. Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list.
The slow fuzzy riffs and awesome vocals on this track make me want to hear the rest of the album now but I will have to wait for September 10.
you will want to hear this!

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