Japan’s greatest psychedelic rockers Kikagaku Moyo are back

The band started as a free music collective in the summer of 2012 on the streets of Tokyo. Quickly evolving over the years with their unique sound  the band makes themselves ready for the release of their fourth LP.
The album “Masana Temples” will be out October 5.
Being one of my favorite bands I am very happy to introduce to you their first single “Gatherings”. With almost 7 minutes of Psychedelic bliss and kraut their first track is absolutely gorgeous.
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Second single by Spiritualized

 Jason Pierce (J. Spaceman) created the new album “And Nothing Hurt” almost completely by himself and it will be released on September 7 on Fat Possum records.
After ‘I’m Your Man’ Spiritualized share a new single from the upcoming album called ‘Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go’.
Preorder the album http://smarturl.it/SPIRIT_ANH
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foto van Spiritualized.

UK heavy doom Conan release new track

The British fuzzed out doom trio return with a new album in September. They shared the track ‘Vexxagon’ wich is extremely heavy, fuzzed out  seven minutes long ‘Caveman Battle Doom’.
This beast is called ‘Existential Void Guardian’ and will be out on Napalm records on September 14.
Numb yourself out with some crushing doom riffs by the great Conan.




Music update with Stray Owls, Katakana, Drab Habit and Automatism

Another update with some real good music that your ears are asking for.
Stray Owls
The North Caroline Fuzz folk band returns with a two single followup to 2017’s ‘A series of Circles’ out August 24. Billing Luna is the first track.


First psych/dreampop track from the mysterious Katakana.

Drab Habit
Drab Habit is a solo project by Dublin-born, London-based musician David Qadir

Some great experimental kraut/space music by the Swedish ban Automatism.  Check out the track ‘Propeller Propulsion’ from their LP From the Lake, Tonzonen Records 2018.


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The Myrrors: Fuzz Club Sessions

The new album ‘Borderlands’ by The Myrrors will be out on August 17 and in the meantime you can buy and enjoy the Fuzz Club Session by the Arizona band The Myrrors. This is highly meditative psych with a lot of instruments involved to create a cosmic vibe.
Nik Rayne: vocals, guitar, transistor radio, four-track
Miguel Urbina: amplified viola
Grant Beyschau: drums, soprano saxophone
Prabjit Virdee: electric bass
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foto van The Myrrors.

Chicago psych rockers Cave are back

Cave (with Cooper Crain from Bitchin Baha’s)  will release a new album this year on Drag City Records. The psych/prog band released their first track San’Yago. Listen to the cosmic  here
‘Allways’ will be out October 19.

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Deaf Wish releases Lithium Zion

A gorgeous post/punk noiserock album by the Australian Deaf Wish. The album ‘Lithium Zion’ wich is out today on sub pop constantly shifts between the nervous noiserock and balanced postpunk resulting in a constantly interesting and challinging record. it does not matter if they bring Sonic Youth to mind because Deaf Wish brings enough originality to the table and does it with perfect execution.
Favorite track: The Rat is Back

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Deaf Wish unleash the explosive 'FFS' from new album