Call of The Void by Lumerians

It’s time, Lumerians released their cosmic trip ‘Call of The Void’ on Fuzz Club.
I had some kind of physical breakdown today. I have no idea what happenend, but it hit me hard, suddenly i felt extremely ill, sweat running down my back, cold and warm again, snot clotting up my brain. ofcourse the only solution to these kind of situations is to fill my belly with all the pills i could find in my cuboard. There must have been some strong stuff in there cause only ten minutes later i was staring at the ceiling and my brain was completely empty.
Suddenly, out of the blue, ‘call of the void’ started playing, and everything fell in place. my mind and body left and went on this cosmic voyage and lord, it was beautiful.
I’m back now, like nothing happened.

foto van Lumerians.


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