new music

Second track by Ghentian noiserock Pink Room

I  slept good last night, i woke up really happy, full of energy to start the day. Half dreaming, filled with simple contentment i got on my bike in my tshirt and drove to work only to see it was way colder then expected. Shivering, but no way this was ruining my good mood. Just before i entered my building i stept in this enormous dog turd. Now this is how ‘Love’ sounds for me and will always sound. As an angry turd who ruined my day on purpose.
Pretty soon after their ‘Relationshit’ EP the Ghentian noise rockers shouted they would release 2 new tracks, and they spoke the truth! First came ‘Fitness’ (afterwards i wanted to listen to Pissed Jeans, who knows why?). And now we get the second part called ‘Love’.
Listen to Pink Room, a band whose band members previously where in different bands. For very obvious reasons on the Big Belgian Noiserock List.

pink room.jpg

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