It’s time to go experimental with Ragnar Johnson, Monumentals and Nurse with wound

for the experimental mind i got three releases you need to check out.
first is Ragnar johnson with ‘Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang’. Out on Ideologic Organ.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ideologic organ

Sacred flutes are blown to make the cries of spirits by adult men in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea. Pairs of long bamboo male and female flutes are played for ceremonies in the coastal villages near the Ramu River. There are seven male initiation flute cries from Bosmun, four flute cries from Bak: Borai with occasional single garamut percussion and two flute cries from Kaean, one with vocals and hand drums. The flute players were of the last generation to have learned this skill during a complete cycle of male initiation. These previously unreleased recordings were made in 1979.
The second band is Monumentals. Music for your imaginary movie.

foto van Monumentals.

‘Irregular Heads’ was written and recorded in the Autumn of 2017 by Ryan and Neil who have spent the last 10 years making music with their psychedelic rock group The Cult of Dom Keller.
and third is Nurse With Wound – Acts Of Senseless Beauty / Santoor Lena Bicycle

foto van Nurse With Wound Official.

Nurse With Wound has been Steven Stapleton’s main musical outlet for some 30 years. He has also appeared on records by other artists and worked as a producer, remixer and, more recently, a critcially acclaimed soundtrack composer. As well as his musical output Stapleton is a highly accomplished and renowned painter and sculptor often working under the guise of ‘Babs Santini’. 



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