Stoner/Heavy Psych Update: Petyr, The Long Hunt, Wolf Blood, Fire Down Below and Wychhound

Our precious blue planet keeps spitting out great Stoner and Heavy Psych albums at such an enormous speed it is hard to follow. Luckily you can keep track of them here. check out some of the latest releases.


‘Smolyk’ was released by Petyr on April 30.

The Long Hunt

foto van The Long Hunt.

Pittsburgh rockers The Long Hunt are going to release their album ‘All Paths Lead To Here’ on June 1. check out the first three tracks before the full release.

Wolf Blood

foto van WOLF BLOOD.

Minneapolis stoners Wolf Blood released their 35-minute EP ‘Tsunami/Home’ on May 1.

Fire Down Below

foto van Fire Down Below.

The Belgian Stoners released the first track/vid from the album ‘Hymn of the Cosmic Man’. Out on 8 June 2018 through ripple music.


foto van Wychhound.

The UK stoner band Wychhound released Earth Orbitor on May 1.



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