Heavy psych La Iglesia Atomica

La Iglesia Atomica is an spacerock/heavypsych band from Puerto Rico. The trio released their sophomore album ‘Gran Muro de Coma’ on April 7. The first track ‘Viajero’ spans 20 minutes of gorgeous space rock filled with guitar solos.
The Great Coma Wall (Gran Mura de Coma) is a galaxy wall with a maximum dimension of either 500 million or 750 million light years. Voyager 1 is a space probe launched by NASA on September 5, 1977, It is expected to enter into the cloud, the last cosmic structure before the Wall, in about 300 years.
you don’t have to wait this long to reach the wall, you just need to listen to the psychedelic force that is known as La Iglesia Atomica and your mind will be there before the first track is finished.




Watch the latest video by psych supergroup MIEN

The music of MIEN has that extra original psychedelic vibe, no wonder because the band is filled with members of Elephant Stone, The Earlies, The Black Angels, and The Horrors. The album is out on Rocket Recordings.
Watch their latest videoclip for the track Odessey. This is my favorite track and now it got an awesome video too, check it out!




[P​.​U​.​T] “20 years rare tracks compilation”

[ P.U.T ] are 3 brothers who are making industrial driven noise with drum computers. Living in Paris/Brussels the brothers have been making music since 1998. 5 albums, 1 split EP, 8 maxis, 4 live, 7″ and various sound experiments later they have released a “20 years track compilation” on the POGO record label.









Did you hear there is a new TOOL song out? Yeah, everyone heard, but what you probably don’t know is the latest album by the Belgian rockers HEISA.  Their latest self titled album is filled with distorted vocals, psychedelic passages, heavy drums and riffs. Their songs are rich and complex, full of different layers. and yes, it has a tool vibe in it. get to know them fast. This is an album you can relisten many times.
Watch their brand new videoclip and listen to the intense sound that is HEISA.



Belgian Noisepunk It It Anita release new track

It It Anita is a Belgian noiserock/Punk band. Their last album ‘Agaaaiin’ dates from November 2016 and now they announced a new track and they signed a record deal with Vicious Circle Records. So we are very happy to present you the new video for ‘Another Canceled Mission’.



Noisy Grunge Forever In Debt

Grunge and Noiserock you say? YES, Forever In Debt mixes this really good. The trio from Widnes (somewhere in the uk) released their new EP ‘Forget Me Knot’ April 20.
Ram these sounds through every hole in your body and be Forever in Debt.
Favorite track: Without a sense of summer

forever in

Heavy Peruvian Psych by Ancestro

Seems I missed the latest album by the heavy psychedelic rockers Ancestro. The trio released their instrumental album ‘El Gran Altar’ last year in September. The six track album is filled to the brim with heavy psych riffs and desert rock. A must listen for Heavy Psych fan.