French psychrockers Rosaire share first clip

‘Pretty Girl’ is the first track and vid from the French psychedelic rockers Rosaire. If they going to make an album with tracks as good as this it is going to be a very great album. wacht out for the fine psychedelic by Rosaire.




Bonecrushing Noiserock by Belgian Youff

Belgian Noiserock band Youff has an exceptional raw and agressive sound. The first track from their debut is called ‘Permafuck’ and is accompanied by a slightly disturbing vid. The track ‘Permafuck’ is taken from their debut LP “Et Cetera” (March 23). Featuring Charlie from Charlie & The Lesbians.  Get mentally ill and listen to Youff.





Heavy rockers Towanda

Out through te great Girlsville we get the 3 headed all female heavy rockers Towanda. Their Ep ‘Freak Of Nature’ will be released on April 6. We can listen to two released tracks. This thing forking rocks, full of distorted heavy riffs this is more than some simple garagerock. Mixing some sludge and punk in their EP this is need to listen.




The Choppy Bumpy Peaches

”Sgt. Konfuzius & the Flowers of Venus” is the new album by the psychedelic rock band The Choppy Bumpy Peaches. The six headed band from Luxembourg succesfully conveys the hazy psychedelic vibe on the 10 songs. A beautifull voice accompanies the mostly softer, hazy tracks but they don’t scare from the heavy stuff either. Enjoy
Favorite tracks: Space Travel and Into Light

foto van The Choppy Bumpy Peaches.