Nurse the Hunger by Napalm Death

I have always been a big fan of the unrelenting noise of Napalm Death. Decibel Magazine is giving you a disc if you buy the Decibel’s Special Collector’s Edition Napalm Death Issue. check out 2014  track “Nurse the Hunger” by Napalm Death.

Hexadic III curated by Ben Chasny

We can listen to the first track on the third edition of the Hexadic series. On the album curated by Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance) will be Moon DuoTashi DorjiStephen O’MalleyRichard YoungsPhil LegardJenks Miller(Mount Moriah) and Meg Baird & Charlie Saufley (Heron Oblivion).
Enjoy Jenks Miller – The Hanging Man

ben chasny.jpg




RMFTM ready to release Subversive III: De Spelende Mens

Tomorrow RMFTM (Radar Men From The Moon) will release “Subversive III: De Spelende Mens”. Check out the drone track “Beeldenwereld” to give you an idea what godly noises you can expect tomorrow.


A Victim of Society’s video for Amnesia

The greek rockers released their album “Freaktown” on April 26 this year. Now we get the video for the “Amnesia” track. If you speak Greek you can sing along. I don’t understand a word of it but i like the tunes. enjoy.