A Stellar Night: Pandour / Ashinoa / Celestial Bums / NÂR in Brussels

Stellar Swamp, Atelier 210 and Eden bring their forces together to host this StellarSwamp special in the context of a new concept organised by Atelier 210: Next Stop Charleroi.
Next Stop intends to bring the cultural scene of Charleroi to Brussels for a month by hosting events in partnership with all its actors. All in all Next Stop Charleroi will feature a dozen events including concerts, theatre plays, screenings, performances, talks, a gaming night and a photo exhibition in collaboration with Rockerill, Eden, Quai10, L’Ancre, The Museum of Photography and many others. Curious about the full program? Check it here.
About this show:
When Atelier 210 and Eden sat down to work on a gig for Next Stop, their voices synced in two words: Stellar Swamp. Together we worked on a line-up that would fulfill the identity of the festival: Psych music across various genres and a feeling of trans entertained throughout a night of escapism
 Ashinoa (fr), Pandour (ch), Celestial Bums (es) and Nâr (be)







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