New track by GODFLESH

The first track for the same titled album POST SELF by industrial lords GODFLESH!




Crushing sounds on new Scour

Philip H. Anselmo is at it again. His band Scour features current and former members of Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth and Pig Destroyer. The Red EP will be out third November. Enjoy the fisrt two extreme tracks.
Philip H. Anselmo – Vocals
Derek Engemann – Guitar, Vocals
Chase Fraser – Guitar
John Jarvis – Bass, Vocals
Adam Jarvis – Drums




Psychrockers Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Forty minutes into a flight to Greece, on their first European tour, the plane lost cabin pressure and hurled out of control. As the oxygen masks flailed around, the plane suddenly stabilized and a serene calmness came upon the whole cabin, and the band noticed the blissful sunset over the Grecian coast. This juxtaposition of bliss and terror is what inspired the band’s forthcoming album.
Listen and buy their new album Lavander blood!