The flawlessly Hiss Spun by Chelsea Wolfe

Since “Abyss” Chelsea Wolfe has embraced and mastered her dark and heavy sound. “Hiss Spun” is a brilliant and addictive album. Surely one of the best records of the year.
Annoy your neighbours and play it insanely loud.



Beautiful chaos on new track by Japanese band Qujaku

A while ago I found some music by this Japanese noise rock band Qujaku. They really have a way to blend different genres together in one nice noisy song. I knew i was really amazed by their music back then. I forgot about them and now there is new music! and a video clip! Watch and enjoy the track “MEI” for their upcoming second EP.



Electric Wizard release See you in hell video

Watch the “See you in Hell” video from the upcoming album “Wizard Bloody Wizard”. This is going be on hell of an album. It’s clear Electric Wizard is going to make more Blues/Classic Heavy Rock but ofcourse with their own crushing sound.




Magical sounds on JuJu’s new album

“Our Mother Was A Plant” is the new album by JuJu through Fuzz Club. The repetitive droning sounds mixed with psych  lets you float around in your own head. A beatifull psych experience given to you by the magician known as JuJu.



Unsane is the loudest

What the hell, i have heard of Unsane but have not yet listened to them.


there are 2 songs that you can listen to at the moment. And i think i have no choice but to listen to these two tracks until the battery of my heaphones run out.
Luckely i can charge my headphones again.
The Album “Sterilize” will be out 29 September.
absolute recommendation!
or stream the complete album now through Noisy.