Psychedelic drone of epic proportions by Slomo

Do you know that feeling?
Do you know that feeling when the right sound just hits you?  You get goosebumps all over your body and the incredible wall of sound sends shivers down your spine. Well if you do, then be prepared.. Slomo fires you into space and beyond with their latest album Transits. (The name “Transits”, by the way, can refer to the method of finding exoplanets by looking at the light of stars, which makes it possible for you to interpret our metaphor quite literally). The only way to define this psychedelic journey is to call it the Slomo Sound I guess. I believe Transits is carefully crafted. Sometimes very calm and almost silent. Sometimes full of deep “droning” that makes your head spin. I have to say however, that this music is made for quality headphones or really good loudspeakers. Just put it as loud as you can take, sit back and relax.
Facts for the music geeks:  Slomo is  a collaboration between Holy McGrail & Howard Marsden.
The artwork of the album is done by Xochi Solis. a Texan based artist                                                               sharing her studio time between Texas and Mexico.




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