1 hour of psychedelics by Thur Deephrey

Thur Deephrey is back with a collection of pscyh music.
Strolling through the vast reaches of the musical realm Thur Deephrey has been digging up and playing hazy vinyl in Europe and the US for almost a decade now, sharing the stage with the likes of Okta Logue, Allah-Las, The Growlers, Moon Duo, Embryo, Rachel Yamagata & Marianne Dissard as well as producing and recording with Labtekwon, Megan Livingston, Sole (Anticon) & Noah23. The styles of his live performances range from world psychedelia & rare groove, rural folk, garage, soviet jazz-funk, 60s soul & r&b, jazz to hiphop, broken beat, chicago house. Besides spinning with original vinyl, Thur Deephrey incorporates all types of samplers, effects, edits, percussions and self-produced beats to go beyond the regular DJ set and add to the trip.


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