A surreal journey with Prana Crafter

A surreal journey with Prana Crafter
the diversity on the album “MindStreamBlessing” is truly amazing, beautiful crafted guitar tones alternate with screeching psychedelic rock only to let your mind rest again with ambient beauty.
Listen to “MindStreamBlessing” with care and take your time to let it grow on you.
Fuzzy’s Favorite song: Luminous Clouds

There it is, the new album by DEAD

There it is, the new album by DEAD
Ah, possibly the loudest and noisiest album of 2017 has arrived! Go to some electrostore, buy the most expensive and biggest audiosystem you can find, go to dead’s bandcamp, buy “We Won’t Let You Sleep” by DEAD, turn volume to eleven, press play and lay down. actually, you can do whatever, just listen to this piece of awesomeness.
Vote them best album of 2017 (they are winning)