Belgium: Kapitan Korsakov – In the shade of the sun
Australia : King Gizzard and the Lizzards Wizard – Hot Wax
Germany-Berlin: Jett screams – Say Ten
Germany-Berlin: Flügge – Odd Couple
Chile: The Holydrug couple – Dreamy
Israel: Tatran – A cut in the Crust
South-Africa: Black Math – Death, Existing & Other Joys Of Life
United States-Florida-Saint Petersburg: ITWILL BENOISE – JWIII.ANXIETY
United States-Philadelphia – Pennsylvania: The Orange Drop – Have you got it yet?
Canada: PUP – The dream is over
Venezuala: Doña Maldad – el ministerio del misterio

3 thoughts on “The Best Fuzz/Noise/Kraut/Garage/Psychedelic/Punk From Each Country chosen By Reddit. (ongoing)

  1. I’d say ODD COUPLE for Germany. Best Garage. Awesome Live. Two dudes from Nothern Germany, not only based in Berlin. A lot of energy. Link to their new album:

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