Favourite tracks of November

Next month you will get my best of the year list bot for now you can check out all the best stuff from November, another shittyy month in 2020.

Cower release ‘Boys’ on Human Worth

The Human Worth label (raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases) is fairly new and has already released some absolutely gorgeous stuff like the two compilations with the best of the heavy UK scene and the extemely heavy new album Modern Technology.

The humans in this new band called Cower are also known from the other bands they play in, Gareth Thomas plays in USA Nails/Silent Front, Wayne Adams in Petbrick/Death Pedals/Big Lad and Thomas Lacey in Yards/The Ghost Of A Thousand.

Cower is something special and they prove it from the first track. ‘Tight Trouser and a Look of Intent’ starts as retro gothic tinged track that bursts wide open with industrial and epic synth vibes while the second track ‘Proto-lion Tamer’ is an brutal bonecrushing noiserock track (and my favourite of the album).  

On this album Cower shows that they are a band filled with experience, grand ideas and experimentalism, they show you can combine this eerie synth/gothic/industrial atmosphere with extremely heavy noiserock and create something that fits perfectly.

‘Boys’ is a very entertaining listen and has a perfect balance of heavy experimental music, gothic, synths and noiserock. The vocals are perfect on this music and make the whole thing a amazing succes. I can now call myself a big fan and so should you.

Order you album on Human Worth.


Kookaburra share new track/video ‘Thermodynamics’

Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra are finally back with new music. Their upcoming album ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’  out 10/12/’20 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music and they already shared the garagetrash track ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ and now they shared the second one called ‘Thermodynamics’. The track is a fun and fuzzed out garagetrack , catchy and full of wild guitarwork. Two tracks in and this is sounding like a very promising album. This new Kookaburra is sounding better, harder and wilder. 

Tune in now 


Mr. Phylzzz share new track “KARL AND HIS NEW BIG SUIT”

The Cincinnati duo Mr. Phylzzz makes cult rock with a splash of noiserock. I am still enjoying their previous album ‘Penitent Curtis’ and some of their later released tracks and now I can add this awesome new track called “KARL AND HIS NEW BIG SUIT” too.

Tune in for some big fat riffs.




LA noiserock trio Lamps

On In The Red Records comes the new album by LA noiserockers Lamps. The album is called ‘People With Faces’ and is recorded and mixed by the great Ty Segall. Monty Buckles, Josh Erkman and Denée Segall make a glorious racket and mix furious punk and noiserock on this album.

Lamps succeed with ease at making a bonecrushing heavy album that is still catchy and really fun to listen too. Tune in now and buy the album here.


New Age Doom to release ‘Himalayan Dream Techno’

On the We are Busy Bodies label comes the new album by drone/experimental band New Age Doom. The band is Drummer Eric J. Breitenbach and multi-instrumentalist Greg Valou are joined by Gregory Macdonald AKA “ColaWars” (Limblifter, Sloan)on analog synthesizer and Tim Lefebvre (Donny McCaslin, David Bowie’s Blackstar) on analog synthesizers and upright bass.

This is going to be their second album but it is the first time I heard them and when I hit play on the track ‘Phononic Landform Resonance’ I knew this was really good stuff. The track is very powerful and most of its energy comes from the drums. Together with the experimental noises it should sound like chaos but it is far from that!

The first track on the album is called ‘Acoustolectric Invocation’ and has again these wild drums but this time the track is way more hyper and tense. Very curious to hear the rest on the album on December 11.


The latest on Fuzz Club

Their are a couple of released out on Fuzz Club that i have not shared yet and because Fuzz Club is a great label that keeps releasing awesome music I need to share this new stuff with you.

Singapore Sling

“Good Sick Fun” is album number 11 by Reykjavík rocker Henrik Björnsson that released music under the name Singapore Sling. His album was released September 25.


The Spyrals

Some more classic sounding tunes by The Spyrals, their album ‘Same Old Line’ is out since October 30th.


Flying Moon In Space

This is something else, Flying Moon In Space has this mix of electronica and space tunes. Trippy is the word. Their self titled album will be released December 4th.


Brown Acid – The Eleventh Trip

A lot of music is lost over time but some absolute gems are recoverd on the Brown Acid Series. Proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks from long forgotten times found by Lance Barresi, co-owner of L.A./Chicago retailer Permanent Records. This series is an absolute delight to listen too, it is always filled with rare and cool stuff.

Check out the Eleventh Trip.


Alpha Hopper release ‘Alpha Hex Index’

New York rockers Alpha Hopper have released two LP’s in the past, one of them on guitarist John Toohill’s own Swimming Faith imprint wich you can read about more in here. Alpha Hopper has been on my best of 2019 list too.

Now they have released a new album called ‘Alpha Hex Index’ on Hex Records and with this new album they have scored a piece of gorgeous noisepunk. Their music is wild and energetic filled with great punk riffs and the vocals of Irene give everything an extra kick.

“Alpha Hex Index” is frenzy and both catchy, weird enough to be cool and catchy enough for the average punker. Tune in now and buy the record.

Favourite track: ‘Third Man’



Dale Crover shares “I Can’t Help You There” from upcoming solo album

Dale Crover (maybe best known as the drummer of the Melvins) has released his previous solo album ‘The Fickle Finger of Fate’ in 2017 and had some really cool tunes on it. Now it is time fro some new Crover!we already got the first track’Tougher’ from the upcoming album ‘Rat-A-Tat-Tat’ and now we can listen to the second one ‘I Can’t Help You There’. The new album will be released January 15. Again some goo rock from Crover.

Osees release third track ‘Gong Experiment’ from upcoming ‘Panther Rotate’

Osees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees and others) is led by John Dwyer who does not only release an incredible amount of music with his band Osees but has side projects like the recently released Bent Arcana and his solo project Damaged Bug.

This year we already got ‘Protean Thread’ and Metamorphosed by Osees, his solo project Damaged Bug with the new ‘Bug On Yonkers’ album and this new project Bent Arcana.

Now we get the third track ‘Gong Experiment’ from the upcoming album ‘Panther Rotate wich will be released December 11 on Castle Face Records. A track that is very psychedelic and channels some very strong Osees. 


Here is another one of my dumps. A dump filled with awesome music ranging from hardcore to neopsych. Enjoy this november edition.

Oh Sees

“One-sided clear square lathe 7 inch with pin.
Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Signed on the blank back label by John Dwyer (many come with a little doodle too!). Already sold out ofcourse. But you can still buy the digital single.
All proceeds will be donated to East Los Angeles Women’s Center.”


Live at 529 in Atlanta, GA on 11/20/2019


Christian Fitness

 includes a copy of ‘the harder it hits’ which is also on ‘love letters in the age of steam’

Tangled Up

Pennsylvania Post Punk/noiserock band Tangled Up released their self titled Ep in September. Tune in now.

Dead Mammals

‘Reskin’ is the new Ep by angry band Dead Mammels. Six tracks of angry punk and noise riffs and a dude that is very mad yelling all through te tracks. Out on Forbidden Place Records. Tune in now.


Cosmic Monster

‘Stephen King vs. The Werewolf’ is the new and upcoming album by New jersey Rockers Cosmic Monster.




“Extinct” is the new album by the Swiss experimental metal band Convulsif. If you like free jazz, black metal and noiserock than this may be very well your stuff of dreams.


The Left Outsides

The new album by The Left Outsides ‘Are You Sure I Was There?’ is released on Nov 13 on Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube (USA).



Some good noisy punk from the UK, listen to their new album ‘Everything’.



‘Training Resource #5’ is the new ep by uk dirty rocker Under

Twisted Ankle release self titles album

The UK band Twisted Ankle deals in experimental punk that can sound jolly and fun but also in your face crushing punk. This album is an excellent album, it is fun but still tough enough to boast about it to your friends.

listen, yeah, listen to it and then  buyt it, there are tracks on for every membe rof the family, you can’t miss.



Stu Mackenzie of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Interview and Review Of New Album “K.G.”

This is a clickbait title in that I and no one from fuzzy sun got a interview with Stu Mackenzie of KGATLW, however, I was able to listen to his interview with a British radio station available on Apple Music. Had to sign up for the trial to get to it though.

I was able to glean some cool and important info that I will share here with you guys if you are unable to catch the interview.

After that I also have some notes for each track on K.G. from my first listen and maybe you can listen along and see if your thoughts align with what I am thinking.

Stu Mackenzie Interview Notes

  • Matt the interviewer first asks about how this Album was made. Stu lets us in on how it was made in isolation and the first time they had to record by themselves and put it together at a later time. STU: “I think it forced us to make a record we ordinarily wouldn’t make”.
  • Stu also confirms that the “Vol 2.” on the cover of the Album is in reference to this being “Vol 2.” or the second part of “Flying Microtonal Banana”. KGATLW’s first dip into microtonal music. STU: “Of the records we’ve made that one does – it felt um – like something really fresh and really new and we popped open this idea and there was so much more to explore”.
  • Stu describes microtonal music as having numerous “rabbit holes” to go down but with this record they chose one and really explored it.
  • STU: ” ‘Flying Microtonal Banana’ felt one dimensional on purpose it was like – that ones got a style and a feel and a sound and a vibe and we didn’t want to do that with this one. Wanted it to be like a rainbow.” Then Stu specifically mentions the song “Intrasport” on K.G.. STU:”(It)pushes it sonically and texturally into some kind of rainbow territory.”
  • INTERVIEWER: “16 records in 10 years do you think in 10 years time we’ll have another 16 records?” STU: “I hope so, I think we’ve had times where we’ve pushed the limit – 2017 with 5 that was not good for health or sleep or whatever. We’re still writing at the same pace as we have for the last while”.
  • Stu then discusses how he is excited for 2021 and hopes for live shows to return. He then lets us in on a little look into KGATLW’s future. STU: “The project we are working on – I think will be the second record coming out next year. It’s the most melodic and also….considered…and also maybe psychedelic record that we’ve ever made…”

I don’t know about you but I’m elated from hearing that news. That means we have two confirmed albums coming next year. And one of them is Psychedelic!!! Fuck to the YEAH.


K.G. Album Notes

I will first preface these track notes with KGATLW’s song “Flying Microtonal Banana” under the same name as the album it comes from. It makes so much sense in a way that this song is the closer of “FMB” (closest song to K.G.) and is the most eastern sounding whether that be Turkish, saharan, or middle eastern (I am not well versed enough to make that call).

Note the rhythm section –> drums and bass –> which drives a new feel in “K.G.”.


This first track immediately evokes desert imagery. That of an eastern style unlike FMB which still roots itself in sounds that almost sound like they could fit in an Australian western with microtonal usage. I think this is a nice intro to acclimate the listener to this new soundscape. Acoustic guitar, claves, and the flute sounding synth aid in creating this sound.


Claps add to the eastern feel. The songs instrumentation and guitar tones make me think about Mdou Moctar and other saharan rock groups. Cool twist in that his voice has a synth effect on it that ties into the theme –> Automation. Desert yet sci-fi. Gizzardesque.

Minimum Brain Size

An effect on the voice that makes Joey sound similar to how he sounds on Polygondwanaland songs such as “Inner Cell” and “Horology”. Jam sections are great. Love the voice.

Straws In The Wind

A wild Amby appears with that sweet and sultry voice. The acoustic guitar that matches Ambrose with the melody is really beautiful. The guitar in this track and other songs throughout K.G. were recorded on Stu’s iPhone. Ambrose impacted FMB with “Billabong Valley” adding more texture to the album with his voice and he does it again here!

Some Of US

Up and down tonally. I lack the musical vocabulary to describe the rising and falling feeling. All the instruments help build and crash again and again creating a great song. Not my favorite on the album but I love hearing all the different ideas.


WOO! The groove on the track is insane and the synth immediately transports me on a galloping journey across the saharan desert. I think the word I want is galloping maybe chugging is better? Possible favorite track on first listen through the album.


Out of the desert and straight into the club. A big surprise for everyone and definitely is a newer style for Gizz that I can only connect to “Cyboogie” maybe. Joey’s solo project “Bullant” is definitely rubbing off on this track. Plus peep cookie dancing shirtless in the music vid. My heart goes out to you cookie.


Continuing with my desert imagery the synths on this one are sprinkled throughout and definitely transport me to a night in the desert. Great ja and instrumental sections. Ambrose comes in when the song starts chugging right around the 3:10 mark.


This song was previewed months before the album and I see why as it is the easiest transition from past Gizz to the new album. In a separate interview then the one above I believe Stu said that “Honey’s” guitar riff was created years before deriving from a jam section on “Sleep Drifter” on FMB. The ending build is great. The video is also beautiful.

The Hungry Wold Of Fate

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Heaviest song on the album. That guitar sound is meaty. The delay pedal also makes its most significant (and only?) appearance on K.G.. Like all Gizz the song’s tempo and dynamics change around. Another favorite.

Can’t wait for 2021. This will suffice for now 🙂


Kawabata Makoto – A short guide

Since I started with Fuzzy Sun I slowly tumbled into this neverending hole that is Japanese psych and noise. I made list with a huge load of Japanese bands called ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan’ and I tried to make some sort of guide through the releases of Acid Mothers Temple and its offshoots (wich was really difficult). Kawabata Makoto (speedguru) plays a big role in this whole scene, he is a founding member of Acid Mothers Temple and played in a lot of bands. And since 1978 Kawabata has been releasing albums under different names. You can expect everything on the psychedelic spectrum. In this post I want to highlight a couple of albums, not all of them because it is just too much to grasp.

Kawabata Makoto: That Awaking : Good​-​bye Me

This is one of the latest studio releases, out since May 2020. Two tracks over half an hour and they are quite exceptionnal. In these Kawabato gives us epic guitarwork over a psychedelic ambient atmosphere.

Nishinihon 西日本: If You Smell What Art Rock is Cookin! アートロックの新鋭

Nishinihon is Tsuyama Atsushi (vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar),
Ichiraku Yoshimitsu (drums, percussion) and Kawabata Makoto (electric guitar) and this my be my favourite band in this whole post. Nishinihon is wilder and very powerful. Recorded in 1999.

Kawabata Makoto: Mizu Naranu Ao Ni Sae 水ならぬ青にさへ

The original CDR (limited 100) released from Acid Mothers Temple on Jan 1998. This release is filled with guitarnoise but still has an out of this world calming vibe to it.

Kawabata Makoto & The Mothers of Invasion: Hot Rattlesnakes

Mothers of Invasion is Kawabata on guitars, Tsuyama Atsushi on bass and
Ichiraku Yoshimitsu on drums. This spacey stuff was recorded it in London during the Acid Mothers Temple UK tour 2001.

Kawabata Makoto: Your Voice From The Moon

This release is also quite interesting because it let us hear Kawabata on  Electric Comp Synthesizer model-101 and it makes me even more sure he is not from earth.

NANI∞GURU: VOVIVIZM episode 1​.​5 (Remastered)

The original cassette tape was released by Swap Meat Records for NANI∞GURU’s European tour 2019. NANI∞GURU guitarist Kawabata Makoto and drummer Satoshima Nani from Acid Mothers Temple. This release is uptempo filled with guitar solos and is more easy to listen to.

PIkacyu-Makoto 光宙★魔呼斗: Live & Rare

This is PIKA from Osaka primitive wild girls duo Afrirampo and Makoto Kawabata. This release has two live versions and two special tracks.

PIkacyu-Makoto 光宙★魔呼斗: OM Sweet Home : We Are Shining Stars From Darklside

I like this duo very much, they have made some really great released together and this one is a really good one. Originally released in 2011.

Zoffy: Not “Very Very Famous Songs” vol​.​1

Formed by Tsuyama Atsushi (Psyche Bugyo, Omoide Hatoba, ex.Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.) and Kawabata Makoto in 1998. Zoffy is well known as playing innovative comical covers of famous songs, but they also play improvised fake trad. & folk music too.

Kawabata Makoto: Yuga Hiku

Yuga Hiku was recorded in 1993 is highly hypnotic filled with weird sounds all made by Kawabata.


Afrimakoto is Oni and Pika from Afrirampo and Kawabato. This is the latest studio recording session on 14th September 2020. Everything is completely improvised and is a real fun listen!





KGATLW San Fran 16′ & The OFFICIAL Gizz Archives

Do yourself a favor right now and go spend 5$ on Vimeo for King Gizz’s “San Francisco ’16” live show. Considering the times and your location in the world…live shows are probably a distant pipe dream. However, on top of their GIANT discography, they manage to supply even more (for a lack of better words) content when it comes to live audio and video that is much needed in 2020. Grateful Dead levels of documentation.

Below I will cover some of my favorite moments from the new “film” and also start the OFFICIAL “King Gizz Lesser Known YouTube Live Show…archive?”

KGATLW live shows bring energy and community within the audience without fail every time. The spontaneity of the music combined with a dynamic crowd makes every live show WORTH A WATCH.


Live In San Francisco ’16 Notes

  • At 10:50 The Big Fig wiggles are orgasmic
  • Two girls scream “dickhead” (in a friendly manner) numerous times throughout the show I believe. I also believe it is directed at the guitarist Joey
  • 3 flute appearances? Head On/Pill ranks #1 flute solo 1:13:50
  • Leading up to “Cellophane” Stu says, “Give it back to that really tall man” when speaking about the camera. What proceeds is an amateur fan recording from in the pit on Stu’s camera…AWESOME
  • About that Spontaneity –>

When you think you have a good idea, but give it a bit more thought. (SF16 Live clip) from r/KGATLW

“King Gizz Lesser Known YouTube Live Show…archive?”

In the same vain as this new release and the Asheville 19′ Concert video here are lesser known videos off of YouTube that are filled with energy no matter sound quality. Check out “Chunky Shrapnel” or the KGATLW YouTube page for more officially released video (as well as KEXP).

King Gizz collaboration with garage rock legend King Khan. A party.

Full Georgia Concert. Great Energy & Medium Audio.

Great Energy & Great Audio


IMPORTANT: At 4 minutes Joey tears it up with my favorite solo variation of “The River”

Things to note: You can see there recording process (The guy with the ski mask is filming clips that were used in their tour film “Chunky Shrapnel”, Stu delivers a beer to sounds guy, The camera man of this video grabs the now ex-drummer Eric’s foot at 2 minutes and 20 seconds. MUCH MORE!!!

Popular Video but in 360 and VR can be used. Also great sound and video quality.

At 14 minutes 30 seconds the dutch people begin to row. “Craaaaaazy Dutch People.”

Brings a tear to any Gizz fans eye. This song closes a performance at the biggest venue Gizz has ever played and at 6 minutes and 40 seconds the crowd gives an ovation that must have aw’ed the band. Love it.

“Secret Show” in Korea that was announced the day of for those close enough. Explanation for tiny venue and relaxed no shirts policy.

And finally a interview done as a school project with a solo acoustic performance of “Vegemite” at the end.

I strongly believe this will be one of the most influential rock bands of our era so forgive the spam and go find more of these videos if you are missing human contact.