Hammerhead tribute compilation

The mailorder and noiserock label Kaos Kontrol, Speakerphone Recordings and Rundgång Rekords has put years of hard work in making a Hammerhead tribute with bands like Great Falls, We Live In Trenches, Throat, Swarm, The Christpunchers, Pets or Food, Årabrot and SUMA.
These great bands have covered tracks from the early releases and post reunion material by Hammerhead.
This beast was released December 11 and needs to be in your collection. Grap a copy of “All Mangled And Deformed” on the Koas Kontrol website.
Favorite track: Suma – Brest
Check out them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.
While you are here, check out the Hammerhead album “Into The Vortex.
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Final album from Dorothy Vallens

It seems the UK psych band Dorothy Vallens has come to an end. They have put out some excellent psych over the years and now they end with their final album “In The Oh So Dreary Ever​-​Long”.

On their final album the band gives us again that mesmerizing hazy psych sound. A shame it has to end because they know how to create an spacey athmosphere.

Enjoy their last tunes

Favorite track: Glazed in Honey and Calypso Queen



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Dirty noiserock Irk


The new album “Recipes from the Bible”by Irk was  released the Seventh of December. The Noiserocking Leeds band makes a racket that makes you nervous in a good way. If you like a mental breakdown and anxiety attacks you will love Irk.

Irk is here and they are not going away. blow your ears off with Irk.

Favorite track: The Observatory


Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

The UK psychedelic rockers Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska have put out some great music. They are wizards in creating a hazy psychedelic athmospere  and so i am very happy to share with you their new double LP out on Cardinal Fuzz

The LP comes out January 11.

Listen to the cosmic drones by this great band.

Favorite track: Inauguration Of a True Believer



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Another batch of music videos

Watch the latest released videos of some great bands.

The Routes

Japanese garagerockers The Routes share “Driving Round In Circles” from their 4 Track 7″ EP, out 13th December 2018 on Ghost.


Black Doldrums

A new video by the unique sounding UK psych band Black Doldrums. Check out “People’s Temple” from their latest “Sad Paradise” EP.


Cocaine Piss

The Belgian sonic wildness Cocaine Piss released their video “My Cake” from their latest same titled EP.



The CIA is Ty Segall’s  collaborative group with Denée Segall, his wife and Emmett Kelly of he Cairo Gang.

Xiu Xiu

A clip by the experimental band formed by Jamie Steward from their upcoming album “Girl with basket of Fruit”.

The Holydrug Couple

“I’ll Only Say This” is taken from the latest album “Hyper Super Mega” by the Chilean Dreampop duo.


Belgian heaviness La Muerte release new album

The Belgian band La Muerte brings heaviness since 1984. Their new self titled album was released late 2018.

La Muerte brings dirty rocknroll fueled with anger and riffs. From start to finish a great album, filled with hooks, catchy tunes and overal gritty noise. Tune in and play loud.

Favorite track: Darkened Dreams

check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun’s list.



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Roda Lits delivers fuzzy garagefun

I saw Roda Lits a while ago live in Belgium together with the noisepunkers Pink Room. The Antwerp based band creates very catchy punk songs with enough fuzz and garage influences to make a fun show.

Their new album Common Specimen/ Indoor Mold is up since December 6. A fun listen for the whole family. Out on Belly Button Records.

Favorite track: What You Want


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