Colonial Wound release ‘Degradation’

Colonial Wound makes super heavy music, like in your face riffs yelling and stuff like that. Their new Ep is called ‘Degradation’ and is a mix of hardcore, noiserock, sludge metal and stuff like that. The third track is the perfect track to wake up early in the morning with a cup of coffe. I recommend this, I do.


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La Jungle release ‘Fall off the Apex’

The Belgian duo La Jungle released their album their new album ‘Fall of the Apex’ on May 21. The duo delivers a sound that ranges from krautrock to noiserock. The music is experimental but most of all it is full of energy, I had the luck seeing them live and they have an absolute wild show. Tune in for the fast paced new album ‘Fall off the Apex’.


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Kawabata Makoto – A short guide part II

Since I started with Fuzzy Sun I slowly tumbled into this neverending hole that is Japanese psych and noise. I made list with a huge load of Japanese bands called ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan’ and I tried to make some sort of guide through the releases of Acid Mothers Temple and its offshoots (wich was really difficult). Kawabata Makoto (speedguru) plays a big role in this whole scene, he is a founding member of Acid Mothers Temple and played in a lot of bands. And since 1978 Kawabata has been releasing albums under different names. You can expect everything on the psychedelic spectrum.

I did a first post a while ago but Kawabata has been updating his bandcamp page since then with an incredible amount of music, so here goes part II


So i wanted to start with this one because its my favourite release of Part II. Mahikari is Yamamoto Seiichi (Boredoms) and Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple) with Stoo Odom (ex.Thin White Rope, The Graves Brothers Deluxe) and Marco Villalobos (The Graves Brothers Deluxe, ex.Noel Redding). Lots of heavy psych and experimentalism. released somwhere 2009. Yes Baby

Mani Neumeier & Kawabata Makoto

his is a duo recording by the legendary krautrock group Guru Guru’s founder member and drummer Mani Neumeier and Acid Mothers Temple’s founder member and guitarist Kawabata Makoto in 2008.

Toho Sara

for the fan of the weird experimental music, here is Toho Sara which is Kawabata Makoto and
Nanjo Asahito.

Kawabata Makoto 河端一

This is the live recording of solo gig at Smith Memorial Hall in Hikone on December 2013 and it is a very trippy one.

Human Shower ヒューマンシャワー

Ok, brace yourselves, this is full weirdo noise by Kawabata and Satoshima Nani. Best track: Hera Hera.

つるばみ Tsurubami

trippy psychedelic guitar work by Kawabata Makoto, Higashi Hiroshi, Emi Nobuko. This was their third album.

Eros Errors

Kawabata Makoto and Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen) though, Satoshima Nani joined in 2021. Some really trippy stuff.

Acid Maso Temple

Acid Maso Temple is a special unit by Yamazaki Maso (Masonna), the female drummer Sakamoto Aiko, the founder member of Acid Mothers Temple Suhara Keiko and Kawabata Makoto.


Formed in 2005 by Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Higashi Hiroshi, Miyashita Keiichi (Mandog), Enomoto Takayuki, and Watanabe Yasuyuki.





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Mong Tong share new track ‘Nakasi Pop’

Mong Tong 夢東 are a trio from Taiwan with  the Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi  who also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ (落差草原 WWWW) and Dope Purple. They released their album ‘Mystery’ on Guruguru Brain a while ago and it became one of my favourite albums of the year  2020 and you will find them high on my end of the year list as well. They create magical, dreamlike soundscapes with kraut and psych influences. The vintage vibe combines with catchy basslines, samples and traditional Taiwanese music. A litte bit later they released ‘Corps of Light’ wich is a more meditive album. They also released ‘Music from Taiwan Mystery II’ wich is an OST for their artwork book about Taiwan’s cultural mystic attractions, including special places, Taiwan’s Believe It Or Not, unusual buildings and phallic worships. You can also buy theyr work on the mystical label WV Sorcerer Productions.

Now the brothers return with a new track called ‘Nakasi Pop’ and I really hope this is a track from an album that will soon be released. Again very cool sounds!

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Black Pus release ‘Live in Minecraft’

Black Pus is a one man band, and that one man is Brian Chippendale (you know, the drummer of Lightning Bolt). And he is back with a new album after the scorscher ‘Def Vesper’.

“Recorded by Black Pus in LEGO city on cassette 4 track in April & May 2021. Mixed by Seth Manchester w/ Black Pus at Machines with Magnets in May 2021.About half of this album was recorded for a “live set” as part of the Galactic Federation’s Benefit in Minecraft for The Union of Music Workers and Allies. The two day event was set up by the mighty B Dolan. This set was remixed and expanded upon.everything is played live, one man band style. Drums, vocals, an oscillator and some effects. Generally these are improvisations with some idea of song structure baked into the process . Hard Year is an exception. I played it once the day before this version.”

Black Pus is ofcourse on my ONE MAN BAND LIST.


Snakes Don’t belong in Alaska release ‘The Eternal Electric Landscape’

Snakes Don’t Belong To Alaska will always have a place on Fuzzy Sun, their experimental psych and dark trippy guitarmusic is always welcome, this  time they released ‘THE ETERNAL ELECTRIC LANDSCAPE’ which is full of drone and kraut. If you are into this I suggest you check out their complete catalogue, their are some absolute banders in there. Tune in now first for this beauty.




In Germany there is a trio that is called Suck and they make wild garagepunk. Fast and energetic punk riffs with a bit of hardcore, thrashmetal and garage influences, most of all their music is loud, heavy and fun to listen too. They have their first 7″ inch out and it is a superlimited edition so be fast.


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Terrible Lovers release ‘Vol.8’

Terribe Lovers is Kenny Johnson. Kenny Johnson was/is in Reverse Engineer, Black Racers, El Chupa Cobras, EK3, He is the Queen, Knucklefish. Kenny Johnson made with his Terrible Lovers project a new album called ‘Tough Luck’ a while ago. And now he is already back but he forced Jeff Quattlebaum on drums and Timothy Buck Brown on bass. Tune in for  ‘Vol.8’


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Girls in Synthesis release ‘Shift in State’

The London band Girls in Synthesis are back after their 2020 release ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’. Girls in Synthesis are a band that can combine post punk and noiserock with ease and as proof you have their new album, a bleak and intense album. Tune in now.



The Body and BIG|BRAVE collab for upcoming album

Well this sure gets me excited! Only a while ago BIG|BRAVE released a new album called ‘Vital’ that absolutely blew me away, the incredible vocals, the doomy and destructive slow riffs, a really awesome album. And it is the same for me for The Body, each of their work has this particular atmosphere, almost always dark and eerie and sometimes dowright frightening but always experimental and really great to experience.

So you can understand my excitement when I heard about this collaboration between the two bands and the release of their first track ‘Oh Sinner’. This first track is an excellent piece of folk but with the typical atmosphere of BigBrave. I am hooked instantly.

The track is taken from their upcoming album ‘Leaving None But Small Birds’ which will be released on September 24 on Thrill Jockey Records.



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The Gluts share new single on Fuzz Club

Somewhere in italy are the psychedelic punks The Gluts. They have released a couple of great albums already and have a very recognisable sound. This track is called ‘Eat Acid Taste God’ and is from their upcoming album.

Tune in for some cosmic guitar work.



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Codex Serafini release ‘Invisible Landscapes’

Codex Serafini make outer-space cosmic music that originates somewhere out of Sussex. Their new album ‘Invisible Landscapes’ is out since June 11th and what is most noticable is how trippy it is, this is super psychedelic with an occult feel to it. It is al very experimental yet accessible. The thing has oriental vibes, noise, kraut and for some reason it blends together perfectly well. I liker this, I like this very much.

It is time to take your mind to the cosmos with Codex Serafini



King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard release ‘Butterfly 3000’

Both Oh Sees and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are bands that keep on giving, keep on releasing quality music in a fast pace. They have released an incredible amount of music and lately they released a couple of live albums but nog they released a complete new album called ‘Butterfly 3000’ wich is a bit different then their previous work. This album is so easy going, so chill it is the perfect summer music, synths, loops and happy sounds is what you get here. Space rock but even more happy. Difficult not the smile and be happy when listening to this. Enjoy and check out their other work.


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Muscle Vest release ‘Live Laugh Loathe’

Uk band Muscle Vest a re finanlly back with new music after their release of ‘Human Resources’ in 2020. And their are back full force, riffs stonger then ever, full energy noiserock straight in your face. Tune in now for the new EP ‘Live Laugh loathe’ which was released June 11 and you can buy it on cassette on their bandcamp page.



Primitive Knot release cover album ‘TRIUMPH ÖF DEAF’

UK Industrial heaviness returns but this time with a cover album that is absolutely gorgeous! The typical distorted riffs by Primitive Knot return on this album but this time in the form of some excellent classics. Born out of lockdown and stuff this is a really fun album to check out. Buy a casette now.

Because of awesome I added ‘TRIUMPH ÖF DEAF’ to ‘The Cover List’.




Osees release live album ‘The Chapel’

Back in October of 2019, John and the crew recorded a live album at The Chapel in San Francisco. If you’ve caught any of their live sessions you know they deliver. The set list for this one might be my favorite! the band released a buig amount of music lately so check out their bandcamp page for more stuff.