FRANCE – Far Out West

A while ago I shared ‘Meltdown of Planet Earth’ by France in I was completely mesmerized by this records, I could not really find a lot about the band but I know I was hooked on their repetitive kraut and psych sound.  The album was recorded in 2014 and released on the French Label Disastre and Standard In-Fi.

Now another album surfaces, a Live recording of one of their first gigs and now I learned this is a trio, a trio that is actually from France. Their live recording is one song called ‘Far Out Far West’ and is released on Mental Groove Records / Musique Pour La Danse.

New Zealand rockers Die! Die! Die! share new track/video

The New Zealand trio makes something between postpunk and noiserock and they have been doing it since something about 2003 and they have released quite a lot of music and albums since then. Their latest release ‘O’ is from August 2019 and now they return with a new video for the track ‘I Seek Misery’ wich was directed by Stjohn Milgrew. The 7 Inch with the back track (405) can be bought through Buzzhowl Records (UK), Learning Curve Records (US) or through their own bandcamp (New Zealand) and will be released October 23.

The track is noisy but still manages to be catchy. Check out the track and if you are not known with the band than check out more on their bandcamp.

Oh Sees share new track of another upcoming album just after the release of ‘Protean Threat’

Osees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees and others) is led by John Dwyer who does not only release an incredible amount of music with his band Osees but has side projects like the recently released Bent Arcana and his solo project Damaged Bug.

Now I was intensly listening to ‘Protean Thread’ wich was released only two days ago and I did not see they have released a new track from another upcoming album! This is quite fitting for a band with their energy and output but still amazing. The track is called ‘Electric War’ and is taken from ‘Metamorphosed’ wich will be released October 16 on Castle Face Records. This album is released under the name Oh Sees and is quite intense, showing their more fuzzed out garagerock side. Tune in now.

If you can’t get enough of frontman Dwyer then you can check out his solo project Damaged Bug with the new ‘Bug On Yonkers’ album and this new project Bent Arcana.

New track from The Budos Band from upcoming album ‘Long in the Tooth’

The Budos is band is back with their excellent fusion of Ethiopian afrobeat  and fuzzrock. Their previous album ‘V’ wich was released in 2019 was a true pleasure to listen to.

Now the second track wich is called ‘Gun Metal Grey’ from the upcoming album ‘Long in the Tooth’ is out and it promising for perfect music for this summer! The album will be released October 9.

Tune in now.

KLÄMP release ‘Hate You’ on God Unknown Records

KLÄMP is Jason Stöll (Sex Swing, Twin Sister, Mugstar, God Unknown Records, Bonnacons of Doom), Greg Wynne (Manatees) and Lee Vincent (Pulled Apart By Horses, Concentration Champ). And on the new album you can hear Colin Webster (With his amazing Sax on a dozen projects) and Wayne Adams (from the brutal Deafbrick) too . Now Put all these people together and you get something really dirty. Their new album ‘Hate You’  starts of really heavy with the same titles track ‘Hate you’, then you get this aslmost catchy heavyweight ‘Arise’. ‘An Orb’ shows what the band is all about, this is a noisy track full of great guitar work. ‘Big Bad Heart’ is an industrial remix like destructive track, ‘TJ’ is riff feuled energy and epicness and the album ends with ‘No Nerves’ wich got me thinking a bit of Fu Manchu.

This album is a eerie noisy fuzzfest. Absolutely love it.

Napalm Death release album ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’

Another band that is not showing signs of slowing down and one of the fewer bands that does not weaken and even gets stronger with every release is Napalm Death. Their latest album is called ‘Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism’ and I can say with ease that it is gorgeous from start to finish. We get the brutal Napalm Death we need for 2020, the album is relentless, it has extreme speed and pure heaviness. Still, the reason why this album is so good is not the sheer loudness but how refined it is, everything is perfect on this album, every member of the band sounds like they are at the top of their game.

Fifteen tracks of absolute magnificent with my personal favourites: ‘Blissful Myth’ , ‘Contagion’ and ‘Invigorating Clutch’. Tune in now.

Volume 4 [Redux] on Magnetic Eye Records, Whores share cover

There is a lot of covering Black Sabbath on Magnetic Eye Records wich can only be good news, Black Sabbath rules and now there are going to be a lot of great artists covering the band yet again. I got myself a little list with covers of Black Sabbath because of obvious reasons that you can check here.

Now touy can listen how the great noiserockband Whores cover the track ‘Cornucopia’. The Cover album will be released October 30 and has some other really nice bands on it. I’ll keep you updated.

Osees release ‘Protean Threat’

Osees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees and others) is led by John Dwyer who does not only release an incredibel amount of music with his band Osees but has side projects like the recently released Bent Arcana and his solo project Damaged Bug. ‘Protean Thread’ is album number 23 for the band! The new album, released under their very onw Castle Face Records, starts if fast paced with ‘Scramble Suit III’, Gets a little more funky with ‘Dreary Nonsense’ and from then on the tracks seem to switch between a bit more funky and hypnotizing and enegrgizing garapounk. ‘Red Study’ is again in your face loud garagepunk together with ‘Mizmuth’.

With ‘Scramble Suit III’ and ‘Gong of Catastrophe’ my favourite tracks this new album ‘Dreary Nonsense’ sure is good, I don’t think this band will ever release something bad, they keep slowly shifting in their own genre, sometimes more punk, somethimes more kraut, … and this is what makes em great. Still I think I have to listen some more but it leaves me a bit underwhelmed. Maybe I was hoping for some really outstanding track like I felt with ‘The Axis’ or ‘The Lens’ or a more riff fueled one. But it does not really matter, It is a great listen.

If you can’t get enough of frontman Dwyer then you can check out his solo project Damaged Bug with the new ‘Bug On Yonkers’ album and this new project Bent Arcana.

Another heavy and weird Dump

not all dumps are normal, far from it, most dumps on Fuzzy Sun tend to be all wrong and weird. I knwo weird is not always good, but heyn you get what you get.

Plan Pony

is Plan Pony weird? yes it is


is the Québec band Migraine heavy? yes.

Mermaid Teeth

Mermaid Teeth is made out of members of DIRTNAP and Neon Fauna. Do I know this bands? no. Do I know Mermaid Teeth? No. Is it weird? yes, very much.

Twin Towers



Powerdill sounds like a powerdill on acid. is it weird? a bit. Is it heavy? very much so.


Ssspine is not really weird but very heavy. Their ‘Dark Things’ EP is out and is in your face noisemetal.

Paris Death Hilton

That is a very weird name for a band, but that does not mean the music is weird does it? yes it does.

Mildred Maude

If you think guitarnoise, fuzzy sounds and epic solos then this is weird, but actually it is just awesome.

Gnarly Dude

Dirty noisepunk that is both heavy and a bit weird.

$hit & $hine Share Noiserock Ripper ‘Devil’s Backbone’ Ahead Of The Release Of Malibu Liquor Store’ On Rocket Recordings

$hit & $hine’s on the ever incredible Rocket Recordings have just dropped ‘Devil’s Backbone’ a mind-altering cacophonous chasm taken off of the forthcoming album ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ set for release October 9.

‘Devil’s Backbone’ is like drinking a cocktail of Les Rallizes Dénudés & Place to Bury Strangers whilst being strapped into a rocket and fired into the furthest regions of space itself at lightspeed. Murky acid-like electronica delving into noise and space-rock, ‘Devil’s Backbone’ sounds it’s constructed by a beastly colossus from another dimension.

Absolutely glorious and exhilarating stuff from $hit & $hine, be sure to pre-order the album here as it’s going to be a good one for sure.

Anyway, I’m off for a run as I feel I need to do something with this nervous energy after listening to this maniacal banger…

Paisiel returns with new music

The Portuguese duo consisting of drummer João Pais Filipe and Sax player Julius Gabriel  released their self titled Rocket Recordings in 2019 and now they are back with new music.

We get an excerpt from the track ‘Unconscious Death Wishes’ wich is taken from the upcomiong album with the same title. The albulm will be released on Rocket Recordings. The track is less jazzy and more tribal space rock, it is really trippy and I am pleasantly surprised, this is even more my thing. Tune in now.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard share ‘Straws in The Wind’

Not long ago the band released their new track ‘Honey’ and ‘Some of Us’ and here are the Australian psych monsters again with a third new track in a short period of time! This new track is called ‘Straws In the Wind’ and is a calm and slightly psychedelic track with vocals from Ambrose Kenny-Smith.

Tune in now and check more Australian stuff.

Plague Organ release ‘Orphan’

This is the new band with members from death metal deliriants Crypate, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals and more. As a big fan of the gloom and doom by  Dead Neanderthals I always check out their side projects and this one is quite something. First of all I was blown away by the cover art, truly amazing work. I had heard the expert and was instantly a fan, now the whole shabam is out, and it is truly marvelous/disgusting. Forty minutes of evil depressing music, eerie atmospheres, here and there some piggish deep grunts, well you know, everything to make a great evil records

Plague Organ is mezmerizing. Tune in now.

The Agony In The Garden by Warren Schoenbright

This here is some excellent experimental music. Ranging from soundscapes to brutal postmetal with noise influences. This has been released  August 15, 2020 on the great Hominid Sounds. It is a bit a shame I am too lazy too right more because this is really good stuff.

Mint Field Share ‘Aterrizar’ Ahead Of Second Album

Mint Field have been dropping a number of ethereal, cacophonous stunning gems in the run up to their second album ‘Sentimiento Mundial’ out 25 September via Felpe records and the Mexico City based duo have just released another great new single with ‘Aterrizar’.

A chunk of frothy shoegaze stew with faint touches of psychedelia, ‘Aterrizar’ – actually recorded in London, is a dreamy ballad that mollifies the current anxiety-fuelled environment that we’re currently living in with its sonic escapism. 

Be sure to check out the single below ahead of the album which looks to be an album of the year contender. 

Tropical Fuck Storm share Talking Heads cover

Honestly I still don’t understand why Tropical Fuck Storm is not more popular and more known by now. This band has made the most gorgeous records, the most perfect mix of psychedelic rock and heaviness, and their mellow songs are just gorgeous. Now they return yet againw ith a new 7″ that is out on Joyfull Noise Recordings and Flightless Records. The track ‘Legal Ghost’ is up for a listen and is yet again a true beauty. On the one side is the ‘Legal Ghost’ track and on the other side the Talking Heads cover ‘Heaven’. Order it now!

Uniform release ‘Shame’

‘Shame’ is an impressive album, it shows the Uniform at their strongest. Their blend of noiserock and industrial metal is refined and shifts between an epic feeling and dirty industrial filled with bleak heaviness. The tracks are strong and perfectly transfer the feeling of dread that is so strong in their music. A truly amazing album that has catchy tracks as well as destructive punk and choas.  Tune in to hear ‘Shame’ the new album by Uniform that is out now.