USA/MEXICO release first track from “Matamoros”

Ow Lord, I knew this was coming, but still, this makes me so happy. USA/MEXICO is going to make my year so much better. Sometimes I am desperatly searching for that particular wall of sound, the sonic cement block. And so many times I found it in their previous album “Laredo”.

So you can imagine how happy i am too see and hear the new track by the supergroup with guitarist Craig Clouse (Shit & Shine) drummer King Coffey (Butthole Surfers) and Nate Cross (Marriage, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth) releasing their first track from the upcoming album.

I little nervous, because my hopes are high, i pressed play and yes, this is it. From the first second the track “Matamoros” destroys.

The album “Matamoros” will be out  march 22 on Riot Season Records. Play as loud as possible!

Fuzz Club Sessions: A Place To Bury Strangers

This Fuzz Club Sessions are getting something to trust on, each time an incredible band goes to the boat turned record studio and makes a LP.

This time its time for A Place to Bury Strangers. The New York psych/noise band released the first track called “Punch Back” for the LP that will be released February 15 on Fuzz Club of course.

Tune in.

Hollowed by Helium Horse Fly

The Belgian experimental band Helium Horse Fly delivers a dark aan brooding album. “Hollowed” is a piece of art, something that needs a lot of intense listening. The stunning vocals of Marie Billy make the noiserock/metal influenced music only more powerful.

It’s not easy to put this band in a box so i won’t do it, but i do know this album has a lot of different sides to it, the only thing that stays the same is the ominous and dark sound.

An absolutely magnificent album!

Favorite track: In A Deathless Spell

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Texas noisy punks Whep

I would love to tell you all about Whep, because Whep is great, but i don’t know much about Whep.

But I do now that it is a trio from Texas that plays very noise punk and it’s a instant hit for me, an instant smash in the face. The sound they make is pure energy with some cool catchy stuff in between the noise. This is a band i did not know and that i want to hear a lot more of. I give it stars, lots of stars.

Check out their new album “Whelp” wich was released January 9.

Favorite track: Bug

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Cosmic jazz The Comet Is Coming

The London band The Comet Is Coming has made some pretty cool music in the past. With their debut EP ‘Prophecy’ and soon after the full-length ‘Channel The Spirits’ they have made quite a name for themselves.

The band mix psychedelic rock and Jazz and end up with a cosmic result. The new album is called “Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery” and we can check out the first track “Summon The Fire”.

Tune in for some cosmic psychedelic jazz.

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Yatra released “Death Ritual”

The Maryland sonter/doom band Yatra released their new album “Death Ritual” January fourth on Grimoire Records.

Slow brooding doom riffs for fans of sleep. The three piece starts 2019 heavy and dark.

Favorite track: Smoke is Rising

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