Earth released ‘Full Upon Her Burning Lips’

The drone metal pioneers Earth have returned with new music. Since their forming in  1989 the band, led by Dylan Carlson, have released 8 albums. Dylan Carlson also released 3 albums with his latest work ‘Conquistador‘ back in 2018. Together with Kevin Martin from The Bug they released ‘Concrete Desert‘ in 2017.

‘Full Upon Her Burning Lips ‘ is released May 24 on Sargent House.

Again a beautifull album by these masters, this pieces oozes creativity and emotion. Tune in for a gorgeous piece of guitar music.

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L’Eclair release ‘Sauropoda’

On the excellent Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records comes the new record by Swiss funk/psych band L’Eclair .

In September they released their album ‘Polymood’ on Beyond Beyond is Beyond and a 7″ on Rocafort.

New the new album ‘Sauropoda’ has been released. These tunes are bit different then what i normally post about but the vibes of L’eclair are completely controlling me. The funky and exotic tunes soothe my soul and are forcing me towards the fridge to open op a can of some hazy beer. This is an album filled with summer.


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The Budos Band released ‘V’

Everyone talks about The Budos Band and like always i am late on the hype train. Happily procrastinating i come too late to the fun show because thats what this is, a funshow. The Budos Band created with their album ‘V’ a dancable fuzz fueled fun show.

The Budos Band plays a mash of Afro-beat, soul fuzz and you know whatever, i am not really good at this stuff. Tune in and check them out for yourself because this is some high livel wizardry.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, op podium, een muziekinstrument bespelen en zitten


Cult noiserock Cherubs share track from new album

The noiserock trio Cherubs returned after a two-decade hiatus in 2014 and they released 2 Ynfynyty in 2015, a split with Gay Witch Abortion in 2016 and the Fist in The Air EP in 2016.

Now we get the first track from their upcoming album ‘Immaculada High’ wich will be released on Relapse Records. The 11 track album will land July 26 and is recorded and engineered by Erik Wofford (Explosions In The Sky, The Black Angels, My Morning Jacket) at Cacophony Studio in their hometown of Austin.

Enjoy the track ‘Sooey Pig’ by one of the best noisy bands on the planet.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, zonnebril en baard

Heavy stuff with Intercourse, Torche, Dead Daughters, JARS, Tankengine and Aseethe

Another load of heaviness for you guys, ranging from noiserock to stoner to doom.


Very agressive hardcore/noiserock by the Connecticut band Intercourse. Their new album ‘Bum Wine’ is released May 20 and is as heavy as a brick thrown in your face.


Torche shared their first track since their last album 4 years ago. The album ‘Admission’ will be out July 12th via Relapse Records. Check out the first track ‘Slide’.

Dead Daughters

Lansing, MI (wherever that may be) trio Dead Daughters makes fuzzed out stoner/doom. Check out their self titled album that was released in April.


Here is some russian noiserock/punk for you. This trio released a new album called ‘VILNIUS III’ on April 12.


On Cruel Nature Records comes the new EP by UK band Tankengine. The EP is released May 17. Play loud for some sonic terrorism.


The Iowa trio Aseethe released their album ‘Throes’ on Thrill Jockey Records. Tune in for some bleak doom and noise.



Burning Axis release Self Titled on Hominid Sounds

If you want some hypnotic drone then you are in luck, the band with members of Noxagt, Golden Oriole and No Balls released their new LP. Their self titled album has a dark and eerie vibe and their tracks are all based on evoking that dark ambience.

Again a magic experience on Hominid Sounds. Tune in now form some experimental stuff.