MASSS / Wasted Cathedral

It is now 2021 and last year was shitty and this year could be shitty too who knows but i have te perfect soundtrack for this shitty day for you. The split between MASSS from Ottawa and Wasted Cathedral from Saskatoon give us eerie drone and doom. Tune in and let the ambient sounds dominate you.

Kikagaku Moyo – Live At Levitation (2021)

It is 2021 and I can change my mind whenever I choose and I chose to change it now about live albums/shows. I was not really a fan of the live album but I have actually changed my mind a while ago since I have been hooked on the live show from Girl Band, Oh Sees, The Black Angels and King Gizzard and the sorts. So now we have yet a again an amazing live album, this time by the Japanese psych band Kikagaki Moyo at Levitation Fest.

If you are in need of more psychedelic (and noise) Japanese music then wait no longer, it is here.

Nokti release ‘Cockschmerzen’ on Crass Lips Records

I have never heard of the Croatian band Nokti before now and the first track instantly intrigued me. It is very weird and that is what I really like about music. But not only that, a couple seconds in you can hear a saxophone, wich I absolutely love in loud and weird music, so much I made a playlist about it and even added Nokti.

This whole album is a mix of gorgeous experimental weirdness and intense noiserock and it hits me just right in the feels.

Lush Worker to release new album on Cruel nature Records

Lush Worker is Mike Vest wich we know from bands like Mienakunaru, Ozo, Blown out, Melting Hand, 11 Paranoias and more. And now lush worker is back with a new album wich is called ‘Immunosuppression / Preacher / Cygnus / Consort’ and will be released January 29 on Cruel nature Records. The first track is out and is a marvellous piece of cosmic trippy music.


I had a nightmare last night, a terrible one where i was running in some kinda hell where beasts, one eyed giant larvas and slime monsters made of intestines where trying to catch me and yank all my limbs off. And I swear this was the soundtrack of my dream.

 SHRIMP is comprised of Jon O’Neill (The Smokin’ Coconuts, The Shits, Skronk et al), Chris Watson (Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska, Forest Mourning), James Watts (Plague Rider, Lovely Wife, Lump Hammer et al),Rob Woodcock (Plate Maker, Fret!) and Ryosuke Kiyasu (Sete Star Sept, Fushitsusha, Kiyasu Orchestra et al

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets share new track ‘Pukebox’

The Perth psych band Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are one of the big rising psychedelic bands from today and they have released some gorgeous stuff already. The band has shared the track ‘Tally-Ho’  a while ago and now we get the new track ‘Pukebox’ from their upcoming album ‘SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound’ out 5th February 2021 Pre-order here –

Check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun’s list. Check them out on the Australian list too!

Mt. Mountain share ‘Peregrination’ from upcoming album on Fuzz Club

Perth psychedelic rockers Mt. Mountain return with a second track called ‘Peregrination’ from their upcoming album ‘Centre’ wich will be released February 26 on Fuzz Club. The track is again a ode to trippy mellow psychedelic rock, it is calming and layered. This sounds very promising. Listen to the track here and the previous tracik ‘Aplomb’. Order vinyl, CD and tape here:

On this new track Mt. Mountain gives us gorgeous psych, easygoing and with some kraut vibes. Again a hazy and trippy piece of work.

You can find them and more on ‘The Australian List’.

Sarcastic Burn Victim attacks all senses

On the great label Cruel nature Records comes a new album that is about 30 minutes long with 16 tracks on it. The album is called’Blood & Stomach Pills’ and I think you may have an ideal already about how this will sound. Yes, you are correct, it sounds like an ice cream truck with a broken horn that crashed into broken glass. It is gorgeous. Tune in for the first 30 second track Banzai Kablooey And The Cockatoo Banana House. This beast will be out January 29.

The Black Angels to release Live at LEVITATION

March 26 marks the release of the live album at Levitation from The Black Angels. The black Angels is still one of my favourite psych bands in this part of the universe and not so long ago vocalist Alex Maas made a great solo album that ended in my end of the year list too. I got The Black Angels in my essential list too.

They shared the live video from Manipulation already so go watch it, enjoy and buy the album here.

Oh sees release ‘Live at Henry Miller Library Big Sur’

Osees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees and others) is led by John Dwyer who does not only release an incredible amount of music with his band Osees but has side projects like the recently released Bent Arcana and his solo project Damaged Bug. Last year we got ‘Protean Thread’ and Metamorphosed and ‘Panther Rotate and ‘Weirdo Hairdo‘ by Osees, his solo project Damaged Bug with the new ‘Bug On Yonkers’ album, his new project Bent Arcana. Also Witch Egg wich is some kind of wild unfermented jazz and will be released in January. Then John Dwyer has released two of the albums with the band Yikes.Another releasas Netman and yet another new release as the death metal band Dig That Body Up, It’s Aliveanother one with Pink & Brown, wich was released in 2013.

So you get it, they released an incredible amount of music last year and I secretly hoped we would get a lot too this year because lets face it, Oh sees is superb. And here they are already, with a live album called ‘Live at Henry Miller Library Big Sur’ with some awesome stuff on it and some great covers. A great start!

Thee Oh Sees

Escape To Weird Mountain by Forbidden Place Records

The Colorado label hosts an crapload of cool bands and on their Volume six of the Escape To Weird Mountain they compile 24 tracks of the bands on the label and on it their will be bands who will deliver new music! Cosmic riffing an interesteller heavy psych and stoner ‘n stuff. Play loud and enjoy.

African Psych Soul, Psych, Psych Funk

Here is a small dump of songs that have been on repeat for me recently. They are African or inspired by African culture. I need hypnotic tunes like these in times when it seems each day is bleeding into the next. Adds a much needed splash of vibrant colors to my day.

Ofo & The Black Company

Terry Callier

Vocals are soulful and the instrumental is psychedelic and mesmerizing. The lyrics tell an equally spellbinding story. Put a red t-shirt over your lamp and light a candle for this one.

Peter King

Hardcore punkers Black Button

No nonsense straight in your face hardcore punk by Virginia rockers Black Button. They released ‘I Want To Be In Control’ on January 1! Fast tracks two minutes long explode in your ugly face only for a couple of dollars. There are a couple of cassettes remaining so hurry up.

Favourite tracks: Casualties of Progress

FFO Ratcage, Cutters

Dead Neanderthals release ‘Cosmic Slime’

I have shared a lot of music from the Dutch duo Dead Neanderthals on this website and I am surte I will keep doing that because this two dudes create the most awesome atmospheric experimental drone music. Sometimes it leans to death metal and sometimes to pure drone but this one is evil drone and doom and again they create this eerie feeling. Tune in and listen for yourselves.

I got a pretty sexy sax list going on where Dead Neanderthals are already on, but their new stuff is on now too. Check it Out.

FFO: Sly and the Family Drone, Twin Sister, Wart Biter.


In 2020 I did a lot of musicdumps and this one is filled with stuff I forgotten about and is too good not to share. Tune in and check soe cool tunes.

BC 35 collective

BC35 Collective set live at Transmissions XII with Live Skull, White Hills, Parlor Walls, Tidal Channel and Bisi Band.

Clouds Taste Satanic

New York psychedelic doomband Clouds Taste Satanic return with ‘The New Satanic Singles’.

Ero Guro

Ero Guro is raw punk from Belgium. Tune in to hear the dirty album ‘Yin Dang’.

Acid Mammoth

The Doom/Psych band return with the announcement of the new album ‘Caravan’ and a first heavy track called ‘Berserker’.


I am always glad to find out about another Belgian band. This time it is DAGGERS with their angry rocknroll. Tune in to hear their album ‘Neon Noir Erotic’.


New Yorkers rockers Stugots released their album ‘Soupy Sales’ in March and it is pretty cool chatic noiserock.

Paul Leary

Paul leary from the Butthole Surfers will release his solo album Born Stupid on Shimmy Disc. Tune in for the first track.

Thuston Moore

The more Thurston Moore the better.

The Bad Vibrations

retro tinged psychedelic garagerock from Florida.

Scratch the Sun

a noisy trio van all different parts of the planet. Tune in to hear the racket.