Onset is back with a new video for ‘Borderland’

FeaturedOnset is back with a new video for ‘Borderland’
Onset is a Belgian electronics trio who released their debut EP in February. Four dark dreamlike tunes that continue to play in your head long after you stopped listening. Recently they released a video for the track ‘Failure’ (see below) and now we get the new video for ‘Borderland’. Starring Marta Mercero Santos & Oan Moonens. Directed by Amber Van Acker.


Every Stranger Looks Like You release new track ‘Halfway House’

Every Stranger Looks Like You release new track ‘Halfway House’
The new single ‘Halfway House’ by Belgian Hardcore/sludge outfit ESLLY is out. The 2 minute track is as hard as nails and is from their new album “I: Levensmoeheid” wich will be out fall 2018. Check out the video and their previous music.


Conquistador by Dylan Carlson

Conquistador by Dylan Carlson
Dylan Carlson is known from Earth, his work as drcarlsonalbion, his work with Kevin Martin from the The Bug.  And know he will release his first solo work wich will call ‘Conquistador’. Dylan Carslon is a master in turning slow droning guitar noise to life and fill it with story and emotions. Listen to the magnificent new album ‘Conquistador’ from Dylan Carlson. Out through the great Sargent House.


Lay Llamas release second track ‘Holy Worms’

Lay Llamas release second track ‘Holy Worms’
‘Holy Worms’ is the new track by Lay Llamas from Thuban, the upcoming album by Las Llamas wich will be released on Rocket Recordings on June 15. After the departure of vocalist Gioele Valenti, Thuban is very much Nicola Giunta’s brainchild, involving as many of twelve different musicians yet with him writing lyrics, singing, producing, mixing and recording at his home.