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Tonstartssbandht share first track from upcoming album ‘Petunia’

First off all I would like to say I have had to wait way too long for a new album by the brothers Andy and Edwin, I know they probably are busy and have a life and stuff like that but you have to understand that the previous full album ‘Sorcerer’ is one of my all time favourite experimental psych albums and that I react like a 5 year old when it comes about waiting. But I forgive them, I forgive them because i listened to the new track and it is beautiful. Tro͞olē byo͞odəfəl.

I couple of weeks ago I strained my neck and now I can take these really yummy painkillers and I think it makes this new track even more byo͞odəfəl. The trippy song is called “What Has Happened ” and is from the upcoming album “Petunia”. Out on Mexican Summer October 22.

Imagine a meadow, full of lush greens and flowers, the sun is shining, a couple of small clouds caress the deep blue sky and in the meadow two weird nude hippies run around completely high of paddos. That is the soundtrack for this new track.

Try to be fun for a change and listen to Tonstartssbandht.

new music

Cherubs share second song from ‘SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY’

After a two decade hiatus noiserock trio Cherubs returned in 2014 and they released 2 Ynfynyty in 2015, a split with Gay Witch Abortion in 2016 and the Fist in The Air EP in 2016. In  2019 they released the excellent album ‘Immaculada High’.

Now they are going to release a new EP called ‘SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY’ which will be released in October. The first track is called ‘Lazy Snakes’ and now the second one is out and it is called ‘A Pair of Pear Tarts’ and i don’t know what to say except that it is Cherubs at their best. Gorgeous noise and riffs in your face.


Elephant Rifle released ‘Satyriasis’

I don’t know shit about America and I am very lazy when it is about researching so when someone says Nevada I think about the desert and when i hear the three tracks from elephant Rifle I see Rob Zombie in the Nevada desert but then he shaved his head and looks all hardcore punk but then the cool version.


Gnod returns to save us

Gnod came to me somewhere in 2017, in a dream telling me to start this website and that I would not be disappointed and look, now I have the most popular website just under google. I am just waiting for the promised happiness and money but I know I should trust and believe and have patience. Gnod has brought us a lot of his wisdom in te form of brutal noiserock, experimental electronics, heavy psych and weirdo stuff.

And to compensate for floods, the virus, ska music, hunger, right wing turds, tornados and the likes Gnod comes down again with a spectacular new gift called ‘La Mort Du Sens’. This gift will be presented to us in full on November 5 this year and to still our hunger we get the first sounds and it is called ‘Pink Champagne Blues’. It will be released through Rocket Recordings.

Get thyself ready for destructive, industrial and fast paced noiserock on this first track!

There is only one Gnod!


Album of the Week: Amyl and the Sniffers release ‘Comfort To Me’

I honestly have no idea why I have not talked daily about Amyl and the Sniffers. I listen to it daily yet I have not posted about it. The cover Amy did with Viagra Boys is probably one of my most played tracks of the year for me, you know the track ‘In Spite of Ourselves’ from John Prine.

Now I took the time to check out the new album and boy, this is some awesome stuff. Amyl and Sniffers is one of the best punk bands around. It is powerful, sharp and has this excellent ‘fuck you’ attitude. Amy’s vocals are just perfect for the riff fueled punk. The whole album feels like a rollercoaster but the rollercoaster is actually a plane and it is actually on fire, while it is crashing in the sea but the sea is actually lava.

‘Comfort To Me’ is awesome and full of energy and everyone who has a different opinion is either deaf of dead or a fan of ska music. Play it loud, buy all their stuff and then play it some more.



Diploid is a trio from Melbourne that makes really intense and heavy stuff. the tracks are ridiculously short, extremely heavy, riffs that make you shit yourself and screams deep from the bush. Ranging from hardcore punk to grindcore this new album is an absolute blast to listen to. tune in for ‘I am Yours. And I am Here Again.


Psychedelic Source Records

Psychedelic source records is a Hungarian label filled with psychedelic, blues, folk, acid and tunes like that. Lately I have posted a lot from this label and with reason. Sinci I found out about the label I got addicted to the music on it. everything is trippy and there is a lot of gorgeous guitar work and stuff like that.

I am not going to post everything again so you should check out their bandcamp yourselves and since you are here you can check out two more excellent releases I hav enot posted yet. Tune in for River Flows Reverse and Slight Layers, Predictions


Nova Express to release ‘Twenty One’

On Rocket Recordings we get the upcoming album by the Swedisch psych band Nova Express. It is the remastered and resequenced version of the 20 years old album ‘One’. The first track is out and called the same as the band and is a gorgeous piece of kraut and psych. layered and extremely trippy, this will be a magnificent album. Tune in now.


two tracks out from X’ed Out before release in September

The Human Worth noiserocklabel (Gaffa Bandana, Modern Technology, Cower, Evan Gildersleeve 72%) is a charitable label raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases. With really cool releases that are so far all in the noiserock spectrum.

X’ed Out (a band featuring members of Silent Front and Working Men’s Club) released the first traack ‘Bathe it in’ a while ago and now they shared the second track ‘Fouling The Nest’ whick is again brutal, intense and in your face. The upcoming album is called ‘We All Do Wrong’ and is recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio (Big Lad / Petbrick) and Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate / OLD). A portion of proceeds going to Breast Cancer UK


Kowloon Walled City to release ‘Piecework’

For me Kowloon Walled City embodies the spirit of true noiserock, maybe I am wrong and maybe some dildos will say its post hardcore or say no you turd thats The Jesus Lizard you are talking about but what I mean is that Kowloon Walled City is one of those bands that I live for, one of those bands that are elevated above the rest with Daughters and Girl Band and stuff but I am quite sure those dildos would not agree me with me again but thats no problem because this is my website and I therefore I am again correct. Its has been a while we had a new full album from the band but we where treated with a split between Shallow North Dakota // KEN Mode // Kowloon Walled City a while ago where all the proceeds go to Shallow North Dakota’s Tont Jacome + His Family.

Now more important, Kowloon Walled City will release their new album ‘Piecework on October 8 on Gilead Media and Neurot Recordings and and in the meantime you can listen to two excellent tracks! Tune in and enjoy the bleak riffs.


Porridge Fist release ‘California Resort’ on Already Dead Tapes

‘California Resort’ is the new album by Porridge Fist and is quite awesome, believe me because I have a blog and everything I say is therefore the truth. Porridge Fist makes music for the clinically insane, the adventerous, The weirdos that always look for something new and experimental, the namedroppers and the wannabe hipsters, for hippopotamusses and birds, for depressed milfs and feet addicts.

The new album sounds like 15 15 year old cool kids kick the shit out of Marilyn Manson with vintage keyboards all the while playing the keyboards and guitar and drums and some sing and all this happens together and everyone is pissed and afterwards you see the security video and you play it X6 speed and thats how it sounds.

Porridge Fist is going to be the new (but then agressive) Taylor Swift, believe me.


Tibetan Miracle Seeds release ‘Inca Misseles’

To give you a feeling what this album is all about I will list you the instruments that are used to create this album.

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Organ, Lap Steel, Didgeridoo, Field Recordings, Flute, Tanpura, Harp and Drums.

This should say enough. Again a 10/10 review from Fuzzy Sun. You are welcome

new music

No World Tour “In Your Head” 2021 from Boris

Japanese rockers Boris keep releasing amazing stuff, their bandcamp is like Alladin’s Cave so be sure to check out all the outtakes, specials, live recordings and remasters and stuff that are on there. But we are here to check out this excellent live recordings from the No World Tour. Excellent hardcore, doom and stuff like that and now you can hear that they rule live too.

Are you in need of more Japanese psych noise and weird stuff, then go to The Cosmic Side of Japan.


Intercourse share cover ‘Flagpole Sitta’

Intercourse released an excellent noiserock album in April called ‘Rule 36’ which is still destroying my ears now and then, mostly on monday mornings when all my colleagues are still sleepy and want to listen to Taylor Swift with a cup of almond pumpking spice chocolate matcha latte. And now, good news, they can listen to a new fresh track already, so soon! The track is en excellent cover of Harvey Danger, the 1993 pop band.


Beak> release ‘Oh Know’

Pretty big fan of the trippy tunes by Beak> but I strained my neck a couple of days ago and I can only look straight forward so it is quite difficult to listen to the krauty rythms without bobbing my head and feeling lightning strikes of pain throughout my body. They released two tracks called ‘Oh Know’ and ‘Ah Yeh’Check them out now.

new music

Australian noiserockers Macros

Through the Australian band Lost Talk I came to know the band Macros with members of  LOST TALK, Overtime, Mile End, Mongrel Country. And then I forgot about them again.

So it feels like a kinda new discovery all over again, which is nice. I knew I was impressed with their debut EP in 2019 and was pleasantly surprised that this new EP is really cool. It is a bit a mix of hardcore, noiserock and stuff like that, it is called Brain Tattoo and it perfectly fits my abysmal mood this moring.

Feeling shitty today? tune in to Macros, it will not help you mood at all but it is awesome nonetheless.

Favourite track: Iron Fucker

new music

‘Invocaciones : Singles and Strays (2014 – 2016)’ by The Myrrors

The Myrrors make highly hypnotic music, you can feel the desert vibes flowing throughout their music, all the exotic instruments and the drone make it even more trippy. The slow rythm of their music, the sparse vocals give it an almost ominous vibe. These are some lost singles and just like all their other music it is really great stuff. If you like this then be sure to check out the side project of Grant Beyschau of The Myrrors called Tambourinen.



Most of the time instrumental bands bore me a little, there is always something lacking. Ofcourse there are exceptions and Zahn is one of these, the band with members of Heads just released a new self titled album with eight tracks. It is some kind of hybrid between postpunk, noiserock and psych and it is all about atmosphere. The new album is very trippy and heavy. Good Stuff.