Pseudo Mind Hive release “Volume III”

The Australian heavy psych band Pseudo Mind Hive are back. Ther previous debut album “Off Seers and Sirens” was a gorgeous heavy psych alvum and on their new album “Volume III” their sound is really good produced and his this occult heavy psych sound, solos flying everywhere, distorted vocals and most off all, , catchy riffs. You can find Pseudo Mind Hive on “The Australian List”

Moon Drenched

Dwyer is at it again. He released some new albums this year in the more experimental trippy an jazzy atmospheres. ‘Witch Egg‘ and ‘Endless Garbage’ are already out and now he returns with the same crew as the ‘Bent Arcana’ Records from 2020. So Ryan Sawyer, Peter Kerlin, Tom Dolas, Brad Caulkins, Kyp Malone, Marcos Rodriguez, Ben Boye, Joce Soubiran, Laena Myers-Ionita, Andres Renteria and Dwyer will release ‘Moon Drenched’ May 28 and for now we get the first two tracks.

Part Chimp share new track ‘Drool’

A new Part Chimp is going to make this year better, vaccin and stuff are all great but what we need is this new Part Chimp. On June 4 they will release the new album ‘Drool’ on Wrong Speed Records. The band already released the track ‘Back From The Dead’ and it is magnificent and now they shared the vid for the second track with the same name as the album. Quite sure this is going to be frikkin amazing. Be cool and pre-order the vinyl.

hypnotic space rock by Shem

The German space rockers Shem released their second album ‘II’ and it is quite the feast. The tracks are a mix of space rock, kraut and some noise elements, that together you get a highly hypnotic atmosphere that is absolutely awesome. This is an album you need to take your time for because it grows on you and does not let you go. Tune in now.


The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Charles Prest of the cosmic carnival and live juggeranturs that is Flamingods, Noon Garden has dropped another fun-laden banger with Decca Divine.

The tropical rollercoaster odyssey that is Decca Divine by Noon Garden is a motley of sounds mixed to create a frenetic floor-filled delving between psychedelia, funk and disco. Fans of Flamingods as well as the likes of The Mauskovic Dance Band, Yin Yin, Los Bitchos, L’Eclair and all that good stuff of new outfits drawing influences from all across the world will be right at home here.

On the single itself, Noon Garden explains:

Sonically this is the most I’ve ever drawn on my African heritage and love for African music. I was  obsessed with Charly Kingson’s track ‘Nimele Bolo’ for a time which has such an infectious, repetitive  bass line and groove that I wanted to explore something similar myself. Musicians like Nigerian funk  master William Onyeabor influenced all the bright synth work and I even named the song after a popular  recording studio in Lagos called Decca Studios where a lot of my favourite African artists like the Lijadu  Sisters, Obenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade recorded albums. Lyrically it’s a celebration of ambition and  determination and a call to exorcise one’s self-doubt” 

Noon Garden has also announced details of a solo album set for release later in the year as well as announcing a show set for May 18 (which looks to already be sold out).

Album of the Week: Throat release Smile Less

Last album of the week was the new album from BIG|BRAVE, a truly magnificent album that deserves all your attention. Now there is a new album of the week on Fuzzy Sun and it is the new one from Throat. Throat is a Finnish noiserockband that has made some pretty cool records and splits and stuff and now the four headed band returns with a new one called ‘Smile Less’. i still listen quite a lot to their previous album ‘Bareback’ and was expecting more of their dark no nonsense noiserock but ‘Smile Less’ is different, on it you hear a a band that has evolved to a new level, like a pokemon but then way more evil. The atmosphere may be less agressive then their previous work but it sure is colder and darker. You can hear a lot more postpunk in everything their do but it is all still rooted in that oldschool noiserock sound. here and their an epic guitar solo wich fitts remarkably good between their slow churning riffs.

‘Smile Less’ is more melodic, more haunting, more postpunk (like the tracks ‘Conveyer Line’ and ‘Grounding’) then their previous work but some tracks on that album are still in your face noiserock tracks (like ‘Shots’ and ‘Deadpan’) but the band keeps it experimental (like ‘Home is Where Your Hurt is’) wich makes it a very varied and heavy album and it all fits very good together. This beast is out on Svart Records.

A really good album, I give it a lot of stars, I do.

OMNIBAEL – ‘Violent Flower’ on the new NIM BRUT comp

Somewhere in Iowa there is a newish label called NIM BRUT and most of their music has been shared on your favourite page Fuzzy Sun. NIM BRUT deals in the weird and the experimental, the heavy and the destructive (also some livestream shows). Noise like Territorial Gobbing and psychedelic and experimental guitar work like Carnivorous Plants lives on their bandcamp page. A while ago I got the honor to premiere a track from Health Plan’s upcoming album wich will be released this friday! Then a week ago I got the second track by Health Plan to share(you can find the track on their upcoming album that will be released on Buzzhowl and Nim Brut) , that track was taken from the upcoming NIM BRUT compilation called ‘DEPRIVED OF OCCUPATION AND PLEASURE WE FEAST’ wich features 10 different artists and is a great way to dive into the experimental world of NIM BRUT.

On the ten track compilation we can already listen to Hubbel, Health Plan an Rusty Sandoz. Now we get another one called Omnibeal wich is a refreshing taster from all the soft squishy music. Omnibael is no bullshit, in you face lofi industrial blackened punk (yes i just found that genre out). Check it out now.

Second Possum track ‘Clarified Budder’

Possum is Brandon Bak (guitar, vocals), Tobin Hopwood (guitar), Patrick Lefler (bass) and Bradley Thibodeau (drums). Their previous album ‘Space Grade Assembly’ was an album filled with fuzz and Black Sabbath like tunes. The baznd has already shared their first track called ‘Gala At The Universe City’ from their upcoming album ‘Lunar Gardens which will be released June 2.The first tracks shows a completely different Possum, a band that seems to have shifted to a more trippy level, a more cosmic level. Now the secodntrack is out and is called ‘Clarified Budder’ and is layered, proggy and filled with cosmic guitar work. I like this new Possum

Night Lunch

A shit can be dry and perfect and a pleasure to purge but it is not always as easy as that, sometimes it can be gritty and painful or it can go completely the wrong way and get flabby and weird. Night Lunch is just like that, a true pleasure to listen to but at moments gritty and weird, it is these different states that makes it interesting. thanks for reading my review.

Fuzz release Levitation Sessions

Since these Levitation Sessions my life has been a lot better, the live session that have been out and the ones that are upcoming are just brilliant. These are all the best psych bands at the moment. We had sessions by Acid Mothers Temple, Kikagaku Moyo, Black Angels, Osees, Alex Maas, Black Angels and more. And now it is time for another one of these magnificent bands. Tune in now for the live sessions by FUZZ. Buy lps, Merch and stuff here.

The Swine is back

The Swine made another EP. The Swine made previous EP’s. You could say The Swine makes postgrungenoise but that is not an official genre but who actually cares. its a bit depressing but I still like it because its noisy and grungy. I like the track ‘Sick’ most because it has such a jolly vibe.I like The Swine thank you for reading my review.

HIBUSHIBIRE Official Live Bootleg Vol 6

If you don’t know Hibushibire then you are missing out on really awesome music. This Japanese band makes furious heavy psych that makes your blood boil , relentless heavy trippy riffs and solos in your face. Now the band seems to have gone through some line up changes since their 2019 second album ‘Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out!so in the meantime they the great Riot Season is going to release a bootleg style LP of their live show at J.T. Soar in Nottingham (UK) on May 17th 2019. Check out the first track and while you are at it you can tune in to the Cosmic Side of Japan.