16 Live Sets To Watch During Isolation – Part 5

If you have checked out the previous of the live sets series, then you know the score. If you have not, then basically we’re bringing you a number of live sets to check out during these times of global lockdown.

Here is part 1, part 2 and part 3 that I wrote as well as Fuzzy Sun’s noise-rock special being part 4. Check them all out if you get the chance.

Anyway let’s get to it. Get out your beverage of choice, sit back and turn up the volume as we present to you 16 live sets plus one very honourable mention.


I had to start with these, really. John Dwyer’s Coachwhips were utterly outrageous with their caustic, frenetic garage-punk rock n roll. Mosh-pit mayhem, it’s a damn shame that Coachwhips are no more (but hey, at least we have Thee Oh Sees who I’m sure we can agree, are one of the greatest bands of all time). Fingers crossed there will be more Coachwhips one day though…


One of the countless bands from the prolific Californian garage-rock god, Ty Segall. The stoner-metal of Fuzz is a heart-shaped, sonic love-letter to the likes of Black Sabbath.


Heady, enthralling, fuzzed-out psychedelia with hints of prog and jazz, Dungen opens up the heavens with their stunning sonic soundscapes.


Psychedelic meets garage-rock sorcerer’s Wand are paralysingly hypnotic. One of the best live shows in existence, check out the Californian’s wizardry from their KEXP set below.


Violent, visceral, cacophonic cyclone that can border on uncomfortable levels of loudness, the abrasive sonic, reverberating savagery that is A Place To Bury Strangers  are brilliant aural brutality on another level – that will leave one vaporized.


Dreampop, shoegaze, krautrock, gothic-rock and post-punk, the Calofirnian quartet Warpaint are a genre-bending machine of gorgeous whirling soundscapes. One of the tightest bands you can witness.


There was a point when there were very few bands that rivalled the sonic, cosmic spaceship that is Tame Impala. Their first two albums themselves were enough to put one in a lucid trance. Interplanetary sounds that would spark vivid hallucinations, Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala were the sound of another dimension oozing into ours. Check out their set from 2014 with material from their first two outputs when the outfit were the reigning kings of psychedelic-rock.


Purveyors of doom-laden psychedelia, space-rock and bludgeoning sluder-rock sounds, Newcastle’s Pigs x 7 who are probably from the darkest depths of the shadow realm, are a blistering assault upon the senses. With Lemmy like vocals over a sonically expansive storm of searing riffs, the tremendously, turbulent tirade of Pigs x 7 is something that needs to be witnessed.


Shimmering, balmy brilliance, New York’s Olden Yolk are a throwback with their sixties-esque psychedelic meets folk. There’s such a pleasant serenity from the outfit. Witness their Audiotree session below.


John Barrett’s Bass Drum Of Death are all about killer-hooks. Mosh-pit, pint-spiller garage-rock meets lofi-pop bangers, Bass Drum of Death are here for the party.


Californian psych-garage rock fuzz-fiends Meatbodies absolutely slayed with their shred-laden KEXP set.  Have your mind melted with their raucous session below.


Hailing from Brazil, Boogerings’ psychedelic-pop sounds are a sprawling sonic cyclone. Check out their colossal session for Cultura Livre:


Another excellent outfit from Brazil, Orua’s heady-psychedelic-sounds are a mind-melting marvel. Witness their wonderful KEXP session below:


Philadelphia native psych-folk merchant Kurt Vile is perfect listening for anytime, but especially during these times of isolation. Lose yourself to the sun-kissed agrarian sounds of Kurt Vile & The Violets from their Pitchfork set.


Jagged garage-rock meets rockabilly and rip-roaring, old-fashioned blues-rock, Guadaluple Plata are absolutely killer with theirghoulish, frenzied spaghetti western-esque rock n roll.


Akin to Wand and Meatbodies, London’s psychedelic-rock barbarians, Swedish Death Candy are one of the U.K’s most heavily underrated bands. Check out the ulcerating fuzz toaster that is their live set below:

One very honourable mention of a live set has to be from the Japanese cosmonauts Kikagaku Moyo with special guests Jacco Gardner and Bruno Pernadas. Both Kikagaku Moyo and Jacco Gardner respectively, were featured on part two. Check out the latest live session posted very recently below.

So once again, you have 16 live sets plus a very great honourable mention to keep yourselves busy during these times of quarantine. Hopefully we’ll see you at a show in the not-so-distant future. Until then, stay safe and stay indoors.

BIKE share video from “Boca Do Sol”

The Brazilian band BIKE has been releasing some excellent music in the past. Highly hypnotic psych rock of superb quality. They shared the video from the track “Boca Do Sol” from their previous album “Quarto Templo” a while ago wich was released November last year. It is always good to revisit some Bike. Be sure to check out the rest of that great album.


Melt Plastic Group release “Fresh Plastic”

This UK trio blends folk and psych and fuzz in an interesting mix. Their new EP is called “Fresh Plastic” and has four tracks. The tracks can go from a normal rock track to extremely trippy cosmic psych. And to make it even better, I think, there is a harmonica hear and there. Play now and enjoy the fuzz.


Image result for melt plastic group

Vrovl shares ‘De Stuurman’: 11 minutes of mesmerizing heavy fun

Vrovl, a heavy band from Ghent, Belgium, shares the first track of their upcoming mini-album ‘De Eendenjacht’ (The Goose Hunt). It’s called ‘De Stuurman’ (The Navigator) and it’s more than 11 minutes of noisy fun and mesmerizing riffs.

Vrovl is all about a dark, hypnotizing atmosphere combined with heavy, rhythmic riffs. The music is often rather solemn, but there’s room for fun as well. In their artwork, song titles and live performances, the band shows a humorous approach. Their first EP, called Koeterwaals (translated it means something like ‘gobbledygook’) consists of one 17-minute long track.

Their newest fledgling is called ‘De Stuurman’. Again, it seems like the band must have had lots of fun. The atmosphere goes from heavy and slow to psychedelic and mesmerizing, then to rhythmic riff-work that reminds of an early Tool, then back and all over again. On top of that, there’s some great solos in there and some superb electronic noise. The band succeeds in delivering a 11-minute track without one dull moment, and there are no vocals whatsoever. The more we listened, the more we liked it. This is a must-hear.

Oh, and you’ll enjoy the weird video with animal violence and sexy ladies from a different age.


noisepunk from 44 Days

I recently made a list of elektro infused noiserock and this band is just a gorgeous example of this electronic noisepunk. I can’t find the band 44 Days on social media so I don’t really know a lot about them. The name of the band and the sentence “44 Days is a long time to suffer” is pretty grim certanly if you look it up. So, I don’t really know much but their music is absolutely insane. I feel iI stumbled upan a hybrid of Daughters and Thank. Their tracks are extremely powerful, the electronic fit perfectly in to the heaviness. I added them to my robonoise list. I can only keep saying this but this is absolutely amazing and one of the best things I heard this year, this is so explosive and passionate! Listen to it, every frikkin track is really really good!


The insanely good and heavy sax list

Some people say sax is making a comback in rock music, but was it really there in the first place? Is there a comeback? Is there heavy music with sax in it that is good? I know of some people that have to vomit only if they see a saxophone and others that just get weak legged and fluffy when they hear it. I love saxophone in heavy music, especially in experimental music, noiserock and the likes. Today I will be your Cosmic Captain and I will fly you through my favourite tracks with sax in it from mellow psych to destructive noisepunk and, well yeah mostly jazznoise. Fix yourself a glass of red wine, fill the bath, add some rose petals and enjoy these heavy experimental tunes. (There is a band in there with a trumpet that is insanely good but that is basically the same thing right?)