Acid Cannibals

Acid Cannibals is a duo (with a member of The Cosmic Dead) from Glasgow. They play dirty, fast noisepunk and they do it good. This year they have two new releases.
“Why Not Every Night” is the first is release on 7″ Vinyl in Collaboration with AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE on march 16th 2018. The EP is brutal and fast.
“Horny For Tommorow” will be released December 1st on 45RPM 12’’ vinyl through Hominid Sounds.
Riffs, speed and noise. With these three ingredients you waltz through your day.
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Chill psych tunes by Wax Machine

On November 8 the UK indie/psych band Wax Machine released their new EP “Mind Palace”.
The band plays plays psychedelic jazz tunes and creates a happy 70’s vibe. This is one of those albums that fills your house with warmth and pleasure. Tune in and enjoy.
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Japanese heavy psychers DMBQ release Keeenly

The Japanese heavy psych rock DMBQ (Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet) has a history dating back to 1989. Founded by Shinji Masuko (vocals/guitar), Ryuuichi Watanabe (bass), and Yuka Yoshimura (drums).
after a long discography the band will released their new record “Keenly”. released on the God? label (thats run by Ty Segall). And album thats filled with guitar noise, doom and heavy psych influences.
DMBQ has an intense sound, a sound thats on the brink of insanity.
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The Men release “Hated: 2008​-​2011”

One of the most genre-hopping bands i know are the NY rockers The Men. They released a compilation of their output between 2008 and 2011. the tracks are taken from demos, splits, EPS, live recordings and unreleased material.
This compilation is filled with punk, garage and noise rock. Tune in for The Men. Out on the great Sacred Bones.

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Mt. Mountain return with new music

The 3rd LP by Mt. Mountain will be called “Golden Rise”. The Australian band formed in  2012 and has made some quality psych.
And now they return with “Golden Rise” and we can check out two tracks from the album. With their unique sound they create a carefully crafted athmosphere.  Out on Cardinal Fuzz and Little Cloud Records.
Order here (US) and here (UK).
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Finnish fuzz rockers Craneium

The finnish rockers Craneium bring you a new dose of healthy fuzz. They will release their new album December 7 on Ripple music.
Their first released track “I’m Your Demon” is a heavy layered fuzz track with good vocals and excellent solos.
Their new album “The Narrow Line” starts very promising.
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