L’Epée release debut track ‘Dreams’

A new song from L’Epée, the band that consists of Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas).

The new single is called ‘Dreams’ and is a gorgeous psych track with french lyrics. Somewhere in June we can expect a full LP from the band.

tune in for some feel good music. Out on Anton’s a Label.


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Sheer Calm return with new music and video

The UK rockers Sheer Calm are back with their anxious sound. They have released ‘Mantle Piercer’ and ‘Copper Tongue’ last year and showed us their unique anxious driven rock.

So I am very happy to share with you their new music. With their new clip and song ‘False Color’ they return with their metallic noisy sound. Sheer Calm are force to be reckoned with.

Tune in and check them out.


Videopremiere: Moon Pussy shares ‘The Buttler’

When I see a bandname like Moon Pussy I instantly expect good noisy music. And they deliver some freakin good music too, the Colorado trio consists of Ethan A. Hahn, Cory Hager and Crissy Cuellar. With these three people they make a hell of a racket.

In January the band shared their new album called ‘Band Meating’. If you think these cool names going to stop, you are wrong. Moon Pussy does not only deliver crushing noiserock with hellish vocals, they have good names for every track like ‘Buttler’, ‘Sports Fuck’ and ‘Butt Hash’.

‘Band Meating’ is filled with good riffs and high energy tracks. With enough variation on their tracks the album stays interesting and is pretty addictive.  This is the kind of noiserock that everyone needs to hear.

So you can imagine I am very pleased to premiere a video by Moon Pussy. Direct your attention to the new video from the track ‘(She Likes It In) The Buttler’.



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Earth share second track ‘The Color of Poison’

The drone metal pioneers Earth have returned with new music. Since their forming in  1989 the band, led by Dylan Carlson, have released 8 albums. Dylan Carlson also released 3 albums with his latest work ‘Conquistador‘ back in 2018. Together with Kevin Martin from The Bug they released ‘Concrete Desert‘ in 2017.

The first two tracks are out from their upcoming album ‘Full Upon Her Burning Lips ‘ wich will be released May 24 on Sargent House.

Check out the new track ‘The Color of Poison’ here.



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We Wild Blood release ‘Blood/Money’ on Hominid Sounds

Alright, again something special on Hominid Sounds. The London band We Wild Blood is difficult to catagorize. The only thing for sure is the band produces some heavy fuzzed out tracks. The repetitiveness of some of the tracks adds that extra layer of power. We Wild Blood is a band you need to hear. Tune in now. Out on Hominid Sounds April 1.




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The Black Angels performe Vermillion Eyes Live in Austin

Jam in the Van is the solar-powered mobile recording studio that’s changing the way the world discovers new music. and in the Van we can hear the new song by the psychedelic rockers The Black Angels. Check out the track ‘Vermillion Eyes’.


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