Deafkids & Petbrick collaborate and release brutal first track

Wel hello, Brazilian Deafkids is awesome with their experimental tribal drumming and shit and Petbrick with their industrial aproach, each of them released pretty great music not long ago and now they have collaborated for a new album on Rocket Recordings wich will be called ‘Deafbrick’. The track is called ‘Forca Bruta’ and is just a wall of sonic loudness and awesomeness ready to destroy your soul. Tune in and check it out.

Sunn Trio release ‘Electric Esoterica’

A band that is not quite like others, Sunn Trio blends Jazz, space rock, tribal, psych and Middle Eastern music in their music creating something quite epic to listen to. A band that consisting of eight to ten members.

‘Electric Esoterica’ is released in March and is something very original, they have created a highly trippy album using so many different genres and influences.


Purple Desert Rain God to release 7″ on Hoga Nord

Hoga Nord Rekors is quite an impressive label, this surf between krautrock/psych stuff and techno/electronic tinted music. The releases are always worth checking out, there is some brilliant stuff on there. Now We get the first track from the upcoming 7″ by Purple Desert Rain God. The first kraut and psych track ‘Invisible Matter’ is op for a listen. Tune in now.

Experimental duo Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro release ‘Due Matte’

Experimental music has always been hit or miss for me, there is so much experimental music flying around and not many are even worth noticing. Gnod has released some pretty awesome sonic experments in the past so this immediatly peaked my interest. This is Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Vanishing Twins, etc) and Marlene Ribeiro (Gnod, Negrabranca). They were asked to contribute to Hysteria, an artistic residency in Porto 2019.

Their album ‘Due Matte’ is out now and switches between hypnotic drum rythms and ambient alien music. The music has a trancelike quality to it. Take your time to listen to this.




Belgian Garagerocker The Crackups return with new single

Somewhere in Belgium is this Foursome that makes very heavy garage rock with lots of punk and heaviness. They released their two track album ‘FLOOR’ in 2019 and instantly showed the world that they are rocknroll. Now they released a new track called ‘Getting The Vibe’ wich is nicely produced and frikkin loud. More of this band please.


Angry harcore punk Tower 7

Sometimes I really love me some dirty godawful noisy hardcore punk. And this is perfect for my mood, Tower7 released ‘ENTRANCE TO A LIVING ORGANISM’ wich is a mix of frikkin good riffs, hardcore punk and just plain awesomeness. The album is out at D4MT LABS INC NEUROSONIC RESEARCH and will soon get tapes for you freaks.


Make your life better with the new Pink Room game

Life sucks, I think most of us can agree on that, but now and then sun shines through the clouds, a light descents and gives us purpose, gives meaning to all of us shitty humans.

This is one of those moments, this right here, that does not change a flying fuck.

But this new game is possible the coolest thing that will happen to you this year. Well, yeah, possibly. For those of you who do not know the Belgian band Pink Room, I will share you some links under the video game. A band reaching for the stars with their epic sounds, ready to take the world by force with their music and now with their game development.

The game is superhard, superfun and superloud.



Japanese heaviness Boris are back with new music

‘LφVE & EVφL’ was the previous album by The Japanese experimental rockers Boris, that album was filled with doom and epic guitar work. Now they are back with the first track of their upcoming album ‘No’. This album will be released July 3d. The first track is called ‘Loveless’ and it really is an amazing track, it starts of as thrash metal track with hardcore influences and again the typical guitar work. More at the end of the song the signature sound of Boris comes out, sweeping doom with epic screeching guiter. This track is really good and promising for the whole record. Boris is on The Cosmic Side of Japan too.

Tune in now.

Brussels noisepunk Bodies

I don’t know what is wrong with me, how is it possible that I never heard of a Belgian band this awesome? where have I been? What have I done? It does not matter, I found them now. These dudes make some really loud punk and noiserock infused loudness. Their latest release was on June 19  for Bandcamp day (donating their share of sales to NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support racial justice, equality and change.(

That release has a cover of Fucked Up and an original track. They have 2 more releases each two tracks long and very very awesome. Bodies is loud intens and all you need. I added them on The Big Belgian Noiserock List for obvious reasons.

Check them out.



‘Relentless Struggle’ by Easy Prey

Easy Prey are from Texas and have released their new album ‘Relentless Struggle’ on May 29 and it as explosive as it is good, Easy Prey makes this agressive riffs, this pumped up noiserock and hardcore that is an absolute blast to listen too. Not all tracks are the same though, there is a lot af variation like the first two tracks are extremely heavy noiserock tracks and the third song wich features Chelsea Hale is an epic post metal/hardcore track. The track ‘Steamrolled’ is full of punk vibes and the last track is possible the best on the album. Tune in for Easy prey now.

Mantar share Sonic Youth cover

The metalband Mantar is going to release a 90’s cover album and on it will be the Sonic Youth cover ‘100%’. The album will be called ‘Grungetown Hooligans II’ and will feature tracks from L7, The Jesus Lizard, Mazzy Star, Babes In Toyland, Mudhoney, and 7 Year Bitch. Tune in for the Sonic Youth and Mazzy Star cover that is already released.






Human Impact release two new tracks on Ipecac Recordings

Following the quite impressive self titled album and the recent single ‘Contact’ the band (members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans) share two nes singles with us.  The noiserockers with their peculiar industrial sound have succeeded yet again in making two strong tracks of experimentel noiserock. Tune in and enjoy.

Second track/video by Klämp

KLÄMP  is Jason Stöll (Sex Swing, Twin Sister, Mugstar, God Unknown Records, Bonnacons of Doom), Greg Wynne (Manatees) and Lee Vincent (Pulled Apart By Horses, Concentration Champ). KLÄMP makes fuzzed out noise rock, bass heavy post whatever. The first track ‘Arise’ from their upcoming album ‘Hate You’ is already released. The album will be released on Godunknown in Spetember.  Now we get the second track called ‘An Orb’. This track is again raw, filled with dirty punk and noiserock. Tune in now.

Idles to release ‘Ultra Mono’

Okay, this is the first time Idles will be on Fuzzy Sun. I guess most of you know the UK rockers. I never shared them on here because I did not really think they were noiserock but after doing this site for a while now I decided that is really ridiculous because I post whatever I want and I decided that Idles is really good. Their first two tracks are out and are really noisy punk. The album ‘Ultra Mono’ will be released on Partisan Records on September.

Mong Tong 夢東 release ‘Mystery 秘神’ on Guruguru Brain

Mong Tong 夢東 are a trio from Taiwan with  the Brothers Hom Yu and Jiun Chi  who also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ (落差草原 WWWW) and Dope Purple. And now they released their new album ‘Mystery’ on Guruguru Brain.

This band may very wel be one of my favourite discoveries of 2020. There is something absolutely magical in their sound, you can just feel the dreamlike soundscapes, the vintage samples in combination with the krautrock and psych. Combine this with the traditional Taiwanese music and the original approach of this band you get something truly hypnotic and magical. catchy basslines, futuristic synth sounds, vintage samples, they combine it all and the whole sounds sooo good together.

Easily one of the most refreshing releases of the year so far. This should still the hunger of every music fan, does not matter what kind of music they like.

Mong Tong makes magic with sounds.