Bent Arcana is the new supergroup formed by John Dwyer

John Dwyer from (The(e)) O(h) Sees formed a new band called Bent Arcana. The band is Ryan Sawyer, Peter Kerlin, Kyp Malone, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas, Marcos Rodriguez, Laena “Geronimo” Myers-Ionita, Joce Soubiran and Andres Renteria. All these artist have played or are playing in the most diverse and incredibly cool bands. Now they from Bent Arcana and they have come together for five days of electrified & improvised sessions recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio, edited down to 40 minutes for your earballs. The first released track is called ‘The Gate’ and is  10 minutes of trippy jazz and kraut. I am very curious to hear what is next! Could this be the chillest record of the year? Tune in and listen to the first track now!



Mummise Guns share first track on Riot Season

Well, this is the kind of stuff that makes me do a little jump of joy! I saw a couple of days ago that there was a new band filled with people from awesome bands that have been a lot on Fuzzy Sun. Mummise Gun is made of members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsTerminal CheesecakeLuminous BodiesCasual NunGHOLDBlack Shape, and Michael and all of these bands have been featured on this little website and most of them on one or another end of the year list. These are the bands I live for, all of them make incredible riffs, there is so much energy and heaviness in these bands, they are all original and throw in some psych, noiserock, or punk or whatever in it. So when I saw this on facebook I though, this is it, this will make the shitty 2020 a lot better. The Vinyl with the same name will be released July 17th on Riot Season Records wich is a perfect home for a record like this. Now the fun can really start with the first track that has been released. The track is called ‘Flattened Earth’ and exceeds all my expectations, again gorgeous riffs, heavy vocals perfect for something like this. And lord, the solos, the solos are godlike. Five minutes of gorgeous heaviness by a new band that will rule all the lists. Press play on Mummise Guns and enjoy the wall of energetic noise.
This is proof that godlike heaviness excists.
Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

Seaxes release selftitled EP on The Ghost is Clear

I did not know this band, never heard of this duo before but goddamn, Seaxes is awesome. Their Ep is out now on The Ghost is Clear Records and they make this superenergetic punk and noiserock that really makes you hyped up and ready to destroy some shit. really loud and cool stuff, tune in now.

Favourite track: Fin

Heads. release crushing new album ‘Push’

Heads. released their new album ‘Push’. This German trio has upped their game it seems after their previous album ‘Collider’. This album is a perfect dose of noiserock and postpunk. The chaos and agressive guitars combine perfect with the vocals. This album is really strong, the sound quality is superb and the tracks alternate between brutal and eerie postpunk. Tune in now for ‘Push’.

Modern Technology to release full album, share song

For a duo these guys make a lot of noise! The new track by UK band Modern Technology is called ‘Semi-Detached’ and is taken from their upcoming full album ‘Service provider’  which will be released August 25. The limited edition vinyl is the first physical release going out through Human Worth (who made a fantastic Compilation a while ago) – A new DIY label putting together charity shows and releases to help raise funds for those in crisis. This will be followed by a cassette release going out through UK label Cruel Nature Records on 3rd July. This first track is really heavy and promises a good album! tune in now.