Allah Las release new track ‘In The Air’

There can never be enough Allah Las, this is a fact. So tune in for the new tune called ‘In The Air’ wich was released through mexican Summer. These psych pop tunes are the perfect company in this excruciating weather. Under this song is the track ‘Raspberry Jam’ from he movie ‘Self Discovery For Social Survival’ wich is a collaboration between record labels Mexican Summer and surf/outdoor brand Pilgrim Stuff + Supply.

Chill a bit and listen to the sunny tunes of Allah Las.

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Third Oh Sees track ‘Heartworm’

The best garage/psychedelic rock band Oh Sees is releasing music at the speed of light. Their upcoming double LP ‘Face Stabber’ will be born August 16 and we already got 2 tracks and now the third has arrived. The track is called ‘Heartworm’ and is just under two minutes of fast-paces heavy garagepsych.

This again shows Oh Sees can be a very versatile band, switching between psychotic psych and wild garage with ease. Tune in for the new track and listen to their previous released tracks.

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The Lizards return with new song ‘Astroboy’

It has been a while since we heard new music from the UK band The Lizards, I remember i heard 2 tracks from them about two years back and was instantly a fan. I kept checkin their social media for more music and then kinda forgot about them.

So now we get a new track and video called ‘Astroboy’and I instantly remember why I love The Lizards. Tune in for some hazy synth psych now.

While you are here tune in for their two previous tracks:

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New music by Ecstatic Vision

Philadelphia psych rockers Ecstatic Vision return with new music from their upcoming album.

‘Grasping The Void’ is the new track from their album ‘For the Masses’ wich will be released September 20. This is very fuzzed out heavy psych with a goddamn flute in it wich makes it even better.

An absolutely awesome track, tune in now:

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A Psych Tribute to the Doors

A tribute  to The Doors by a bunch af very awesome psychedelic rock bands, what else do you want?
With bands like The Black Angels, The Raveonettes, Clinic, Psychic Ills, Sons Of Hippies, Elephant Stone, Dead Skeletons,… you know this is going to be one fun listen.

released April 1, 2019 by Purple Pyramid.

Tune in now.

Dead Sea Apes released ‘The Free Territory’

Dead Sea Apes are an experimental band from Manchester, the band has released a lot of music in the past and each one was something special, something a lot more different then the previous one.

On Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA) comes the new album ‘The Free Territory’, it will be available May 10.

On the album we hear drone take the lead in a dark an ominous vibe. Check out this dark masterpiece now.

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Dire Wolves release ‘Grow Towards The Light’

The 4th full length Californian band Dire Wolves is called ‘Grow Towards The Light’.  New on the vocals is Georgia Carbone together with Jeffrey who plays guitar and moog, Brian Lucas on bass, Sheila Bosco (from Faun Fables) on drums and piano, Arjun Mendiratta (Village of Spaces) on violin, and Taralie Peterson (Spires that in the Sunset Rise) on saxophone.

It is a bit difficult to put the music of Dire Wolves in a box, but what it is for certain is cosmic. The music sounds like it comes straight from the soul and has a very trippy vibe. Throughout the album you can hear each musical instrument go wild like it has a life of its own.

Tune in for some gorgeous cosmic vibes.

Released June 28 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

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