Music Update with The MFDV, Wild Wild Wets, Super Paradise, Day Brake

Music Update with The MFDV, Wild Wild Wets, Super Paradise, Day Brake
Again a fresh load of new psychedelic bands and artists you should listen to. Tune in.
MFDV are Morningface and Dorothy Vallens. The album is filled with psychedelic goods, mantra-like tunes for complete relaxation. Out on Sonic Love Records.

Wild Wild Wets
The full album of San Diego garage/psych rockers Wild Wild Wets is out July 22. listen now.

Super Paradise
London garagerockers released the track ‘Sweat’.

Day Brake
Belgian artist Day Brake combines a lot of different elements in the Pink Floyd influenced music






Premieres: “MELTING BACK TO SMOKE Mixtape” DJ Mix for MOLTEN EARTH 7.28.10 Oakland // BAY AREA Punk, Noise, and Industrial against ICE. Listen Now!



MOLTEN EARTH Mixed genre Bay Area experimental / punk / dark wave /  industrial acts gather at an underground space in Oakland next Saturday July 28th for raising money for the Florence Project, an organization bringing together separated families at the Arizona border. There will be live performances, DJ’s raffles, and who knows what else. For a brief preview of what to expect sonically;  Moira Scar blast out loud, dense, sonic explosions of Queer forward dark wave/ acid punk, with a wide array of sonic approaches on their just released “Wound World, Part 1” Also performing, Oakland’s  Daisy World known for their uniquely original psychedelic, antagonistic, dark, noisy punk sets that fly by before you even know you’re in a tripped out fog of inverted reality. Daisy World is a well oiled machine with razor like precision, and thunderous drumming, walls of drenched guitars and basses that bend together like a tripods of intense sound  of chaos. Echoed vocals scream and cascade right on the cusp of the mix; beautiful intense sound. Also on the bill is Oakland’s Yama Uba, on Psychic Eye Records  is darkwave and dark noise from the singer/bassist of Ötzi, with their unique and crafted blending of  heavy and intentioned takes on industrial, dark wave, and noise. Sailor Neptune  of the bay area industrial collective S.B.S.M. will be opening the event, stay tuned for a link to their work but for now it’s under wraps, as well as a resurrection of bay area  morphing anti-conceptual troublemakers x/Nerfbau. Dj Sly Ida will be  providing the relief in between blasts of sonic mayhem and  even some enjoyment. Look up these artists and  support their work if possible.



S.B.S.M. “Ashes” (Joy / Rage, 2016)

DAVID MOLINA “Wall And Tongues Music” (Rogue Pulse/ Gravity Collapse, Ratskin 2017)

MOIRA  SCAR “Erased” (Wound World Part 1, 2018. Psychic Eye/ Near Dark)

GERMSVOYCE “Médecine For A Wolverine” (unreleased, 2015)

YAMA UBA “Angel” (Demo) (Unreleased, Psychic Eye  2018)

NERFBAU “GasTank/Gunhand” (Placenta Recordings, 2014)

DAISY WORLD “US, Weakly” ( self released, 2016)

MAYA SONGBIRD “Living In Harmony” (Welcome To The Dark Side”, 2017)

BEAST NEST “Relief” (A History Of  Sexual Violence, 2018)

JASMINE INFINITI “Scratchy A” (New World  Disorder, 2018)

DAX PIERSON “Macrobid” (Rogue Pulse/Gracity Collapse, 2017)

SYLVESTER “I Need Somebody To Love Tonight” (1979)



Organized by Psychic Eye and Ratskin Records

There will also be a raffles and the artists will be collecting donations at the door, and profits will be donated to the Florence Project.  if you’d like to donate directly. 


Dead Otter on Riot Season Records

Dead Otter on Riot Season Records
Again good stuff on Riot Season Records. This time its the first single by UK band Dead Otter. “Bridge of Weird” is the last track on the album with that same name and spans 13 minutes in length. Thirteen minutes of psychedelic guitar tunes and roaring solos.
The full album will be released on August 17.



The amazing psych by Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin

The amazing psych by Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin
In February the San Diego psychedelic rock band Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin released a 7 ” of true beauty. On the B-side was a gorgeous cover of Solitary Man by Neil Diamond. I became an instant fan of their spacey sound.
With much pleasure i can tell you they released the first track from their upcoming EP. “Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin” is a 7 minute psychedelic space trip that takes the listeners through a cosmic journey.
Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin show what they are worth on the new track and prove they belong with the big fish.
“Cabin Fever” will be out August 14.
Fuzzy Sun’s Psychedelic spotify List

foto van Aunt Cynthia's Cabin.




“Say No” by Belgian noisy punks It It Anita

“Say No” by Belgian noisy punks It It Anita
“Say No” is the second released track from the Belgian noise/punk rockers It It Anita. The upcoming album “Laurent” will be released on the french label Vicious Circle Records on August 31. Listen to the other track “Another Cancelled Mission” and get warmed up for their upcoming album. Pre-order the album here.
Find It It Anita on Fuzzy Sun’s ridiculously loud spotify list.
It It Anita is force, a charging bus of noise and agressive punk, a bus you better be on then under. Be ready

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: the experimental album “Annihilate Your Masters” by Whettman Chelmets

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: the experimental album “Annihilate Your Masters” by Whettman Chelmets
Missouri’s experimental musician Matt Clements has been recording as Whettman Chelmets for almost 20 years. While playing in different punk, noise and psyche rock bands in the Midwest during the late 90s, early 00’s, Whettman Chelmets explores the intersections between post rock, electronic ambient, noise, classical and pop.
He has released a lot of different music over the years. It is quite clear he makes his music with passion and he makes whatever he wants. For Matt it is all about the exploration of sound.
His latest work “Annihilate your Masters” is again something different.
Ambient sounds and samples are echoeing throughout the album. Sometimes the tracks explode in industrial or rock themed endings with droning synths. “Annihilate Your Masters” is a very varried album, one you should try. Listen now!