Mountain Movers release “Pink Skies”

Mountain Movers release “Pink Skies”
The way Mountain Movers used their guitar noise in their first released track “This City” peaked my interest immediately. The track groans and moans and still succeeds at being a calm soothing track. The epic track made me want so much more and here we are, their full album “Pink Skies” has arrived.
From the start I pressed play I knew this was going to be an really good album. The opener “Freeway” starts of with a spacey groove and the guitar screeches perfect troughout the whole track. “Snow Drift” is more of a grunge track with psych vocals. Mountain Movers are a band that know what they want and they own their sound.  Check them out for yourself.
Favorite track: Snow Drift
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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en binnen



Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats release “Wasteland”

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats release “Wasteland”
The psychedelic doom of Uncle Acid has always been something unique. With their new album “Wasteland” the cosmic sound of the band is back, still with their lofi sound that gives you that extra vintage garage sound. Filled with hooks and grooves the English delivered again a good album. The album takes some time to grown on you, but once you listened good it hooks you.
Check out their album out now on Rise Above Records.
Favorite track: Exodus

Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.

Goatman release “Rhythms”

Goatman release “Rhythms”
Goatman is a member of the Swedish collective Goat and as a fan of the band I was expecting pretty much from this new release. And it delivered! The album “Rhythms” is a mix of African Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel and Psych.
The moment you play the first track “Jaam Ak Salam” you know you are going to be in for a treat. The uplifting vibe and groove can make any dark day better.
Each track is original and all the different instruments find a perfect place to make make this a gorgeous album. The solos on “Hum bebass Nahin” are haunting my dreams, The happiness of “Limelight” makes my days more fun, and the sax on “Carry the Load” is just spicing things up, and so on… .
Play this all the time and be happy. Out on Rocket Recordings 12/10. A must listen. Check out more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.



Videos by Arcadian Child, Beak>, Medistation, JC Satan, The Glucks, Monster Magnet and Tongue Party

Videos by Arcadian Child, Beak>, Medistation, JC Satan, The Glucks, Monster Magnet and Tongue Party
Arcadian Child
The greek psych rockers will release their new album “Superfonica” November 23. The album will be released through Ripple music and Rogue Wave. Check out the track She Flows.
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list
The video “When We Fall” from their latest album “>>>”. A gorgeous track on a perfect album. Beak> is one of my absolute favorites. Check the out.
Fuzz Club Records released the debut EP from medistation this year. Check out the new clip “Pool of Blood”.
JC Satan
French Garagerockers JC Satan released their album “Centaur Desire” on Born Bad Records March Second. Check out the video for “Erika”.
The Glucks
Belgian frenzied Garagerockers The Glucks new video “Uninvited” from their latest album “Run Amok”.
Monster Magnet
It is Monster Fucking Magnet!
Tongue Party
Ending in style with the Minneapolis noisepunkers Tongue Party’s vid “Clock Tower” from “Looking For A Painfull Death”.

Time for some new Shit and Shine

Time for some new Shit and Shine
Yep, you heard it right, it’s time for some new music by the electrocosmic overlords Shit and Shine. A while ago they released their first track “Yeah I’m On Acid” wich is still playing in my head over and over.
Now it is time for “Mingler”. It is the second released track from their upcoming album “Bad Vibes” on Rocket Recordings wich will be released November 9.
press play for some fun.

Texas noiserockers Super Thief

Texas noiserockers Super Thief
After their 2017 album “Stuck” Texas noiserockers Super Thief are back with a new album called “Eating Alone in my Car”.
Super Thief delivers crushing noserock with their new album. The album ends with my favorite track: “you play it like a joke but i know you really mean it”. In this track they show what they can do, focused and acurate and yet so loud and chaotic.
Buy this shit through Learning Curve Records and check out more noise on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, op podium en een muziekinstrument bespelen

White Lemon Delirium release ‘Mind’s Eye’

White Lemon Delirium release ‘Mind’s Eye’
The Indonesian psych band White Lemon Delirium consists of Mirza Lazuardi (lead guitar and vocal), Prayoga Tri Adhitama(bass), Farhan Fariz (rhythm guitar) and Barsya Prastoro (drum). The band release their debut album October 10 on PVL Records.
“Mind’s Eye” is a moody psychedelic trip, beautifully  crafted with dreamy vibes.  The catchy rythms ease their way into your head and have no plans of leaving.
White Lemon Delirium is a band we need to watch.
Find them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.