Label: Society of Losers

The Liverpool based label Society of Losers is interesting to take a closer look at. The bands on the label are all pretty good and pretty damn loud. I came across the label through Forever in Debt (wich has changed their name to Infants).


Infants is a UK band from Widnes and makes a mix of noiserock and grunge. The music is agressive yet catchy, the way we like it. The first track ‘Apple of Her Eye’ from their upcoming album has been shared. have a listen and check out some of their previous music too.


This Chesterfield band also knw how to make hell of racket. They too have shared a new track and it starts pretty mellow but quickly becomes a psychedelic/noise/stoner sound. This is a band to watch!


The band Wife was born in Liverpool and makes dirty and noisy punk. their latest release is from 2017 so hopefully we can get something new soon from these noisy bastards.

Salt The Snail

This band oozes fun. Salt the Snail makes good old fashioned noisy punk that needs to end in your ears. their latest EP ‘Lazer Quest’ was released March 18.

Bisch Nadar

Another Liverpool band that released new music in March. tune in for the new track ‘Leaders’.

Dead Houses

Dead Houses latest makes is from 2018. The EP ‘Like To Know / Greys’. Noisy alternative rock from Liverpool again!

Sweet Deals on Surgery

Alternative punk by the Manchester band Sweet Deals on Surgery. tune in for their latest release on November 2018.

Mr. Ted

Mr. Ted released their new single February 23. The track ‘Muscle Milk’ will be featured on their upcoming debut album.


Possum Share ‘Party Jam’ Ahead Of Their Debut Album

Hailing from Toronto, Canada come the blistering sonic tour-de-force that are Possum. The quartet (who might well be one of my favourite new bands) have very recently dropped the video to their newest single ‘Party Jam’ ahead of the release of their debut album ‘Space Grade Assembly’ that will be available from June 21st on Garment District.

The track itself ‘Party Jam’ is a ferocious, mind-bending Thee Oh Sees and King Gizzard & The Lizard esque riff-riot. The swirling garage-rock meets psychedelic-slammer proves why the cosmic-fuzz-fiends that are Possum – absolutely should be on your radar right now. Feast your eyes and ears on the video below ahead of the release of their debut album which you can get here.

Belgian noiserockers Youff share videofor ‘Muzak for the Mass’

The new album ’20/20 Hindsight’ is one of the noisiest, chaotic and heaviest Belgian releases of the year. The record melts your ears right of your face.

Now we get the new videoclip for the opening track from ’20/20 Hindsight’. Tune in for ‘Muzak for the Mass’.

’20/20 Hindsight’ is filled with cropped up anger, bleak and agressive guitar riffs and tormented vocals. Buy a copy at the Counsouling store or Stadskanker label now.

Favorite tracks: Auto Craving and Latem.

Youff is on the Big Belgian Noiserocklist.

check out their previous one ‘Et Cetera’ too:

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, lachende mensen, zittende mensen, tafel en binnen


PNKSLM Release London’s Sleep Eaters – Bad Love

Hailing from the darkest depths of London comes newest PNKSLM signings Sleep Eaters with ‘Bad Love’ off of their forthcoming debut EP ‘Holy Days EP’ out August 9th.

The frenetic garage-rock outfits’ newest offering delves into snotty garage-rock all coated in country soaked, cowboy-esque rock akin to ‘Eyes Like The Sky’ era- King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Almost as if the quintet had been dropped bang in the middle of a sun-baked spaghetti western, the guitar slingers shred furiously through four and a half minutes proving why they’re one of the best new garage-rock outfits today.

‘Bad Love’ is available now on all major digital platforms and the ‘Holy Days’ EP is available for pre-order via 7” here.

Qujaku to release limited 200 EP, share new track

I have been rambling a lot in the past three years about the Japanese band Qujaku. The Hamamatsu-based Japanese band has become one of my favorite acts and not without reason, since they formed in 2013 they have released amazing music. In  2015 came their debut ‘ZyouK’ and they toured UK, Germany and Hungary, followed by a release of an EP, “KEIREN”. In 2017, they released an EP “H” and toured with 26 shows over Europe. In 2018 came their latest album ‘Qujaku’ wich immediatly became one of my favorite for 2018.

Qujaku is difficult to classify, they draw influence from Japanese legends like Keiji Haino and the mystical Les Reallizes Denudes, But that is not it, they have created their very own sound, a sound that can be so delicate and intricate and with the perfect transition they can shift to brutal riffs mixed with noise and agressive drumming. The soft vocals seem to fit in perfectly in either the extreme heavy parts as in the soft bits. Equal parts psychedelic as doom and noise, Qujaku as a refreshing and original take on modern heavy music.

Now enough blabbering! Their new EP ‘In Neutral’ will be released in limited print. their we be 200 EPs released and we can expect them on 26th of July on the So I Buried label. Now they shared their first track from that EP called ‘Gloria’. Again we can hear the band with their specific dark sound constantly on the verge of exploding. A gorgeous track from a band that needs to be heard, needs to be shared!

The band will tour again (and i will have the opportunity too see them again) and you will have to see them too if possible because they are an absolute force live.


26th (Fri) Ghent, BE / Ghent Festival

27th (Sat) Lille, FR / L’Imposture

28th (Sun) Hamburg, DE / Die Schute

31st (Wed) Dublin, IE / The Sound House


2nd (Fri) London, UK / New River Studios

3rd (Sat) Braziers Park, UK / Supernormal Festival

Qujaku is on my list of The Cosmic Japan and while your are here you should check some other music from them too.


Chelsea Wolfe covers ‘Night of the Vampire’

Maybe it is a bit strange too say but my first introduction too Roky (who died May 31, 2019) was through the track ‘Night of The Vampire’ but not the track made by Roky, I got hooked at the Entombed version (in that time Metal and the likes where my favorite genre).  Roky Erickson (founding member of the 13th Floor Elevators) released the track in 1981 and i did not exist yet. So let me share some covers of the song and especially the newly made cover by the great Chelsea Wolfe.